How To Cancel IdentityIQ Membership? Remove Account Easily!

how to cancel identityiq membership

Identity theft is one of the many recent crimes growing in the world and thus, there are several platforms that ensure protection from it. IdentityIQ is one of those platforms, however, if you tried using it but are not satisfied or don’t feel like continuing the membership then we can help you cancel it. 

IdentityIQ is an identity theft protection company that provides users with several security tiers and modes that will help to keep their identity secure. It provides users with several membership plans and some even provide free coverage for the user’s family members. 

You can easily cancel your IdentityIQ membership by contacting their Customer Support department for the same. Cancellation can also be done online by visiting their official website and canceling your account from there. 

How Much Does IdentityIQ Membership Cost?

There are several membership plans that provide users with different benefits and features. They can choose the membership plan that works best for them and their family members. 

Membership PlansCharges
Secure Plan$6.99/month
Secure Plus$9.99/month
Secure Pro$19.99/month
Secure Max$29.99/month

The Basic Secure Plan can be purchased for $6.99/month and it provides the users with basic protection features. The Secure Plus plan is available to buy for $9.99/month and the users receive the ANNUAL 3-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores with about $1 MILLION Stolen funds reimbursement. The Secure Pro plan costs about $19.99/month and provides BIANNUAL 3-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores with $1 MILLION Stolen funds reimbursement. You also receive crime alerts and score change alerts. The users are also provided with an enhanced credit report monitoring feature with this membership plan.

The Secure Max plan can be purchased for a monthly price of $29.99/month and you get the benefits of MONTHLY 3-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores and about $1 MILLION Stolen funds reimbursement. With score change alerts and crime alerts, you also receive $25K ID Theft Insurance. Members also receive the benefit of the Credit scores simulator and tracker. You will also be helped with the fraud restoration with LPOA. 

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How Can I Cancel My IdentityIQ Membership?

IdentityIQ membership can be canceled online from their official website or with the help of their Customer Support department. 

Cancel IdentityIQ Membership Online

1. Visit the official website of IdentityIQ and log in to your account. 

2. From your account page, go to the Manage My Account section.

3. You will see the Cancel Account option there, click on that button. 

4. Confirm the cancellation procedure with the email you get from them and you are done. 

Cancel IdentityIQ Membership Via Customer Service 

1. An easy and effective method to cancel your membership is by dialing their Customer Service number. 

2. Dial their help number 877-875-4347 and you will be connected to a representative. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your IdentityIQ membership and provide them with your name, email, your social security number, and other details they ask for. 

4. You will receive a confirmation email from them to your registered email and you will be able to cancel your membership. 

IdentityIQ Cancel Membership- FAQs

Does IdentityIQ Have A Mobile App?

No, IdentityIQ does not yet have an application for mobile to provide all its services. The users can visit the official website of IdentityIQ and get the information from there. They can also dial their Customer Support number if they have more doubts or questions related to their membership, account, or other features. 

Will I Get A Refund From IdentityIQ?

No, IdentityIQ does not provide any kind of refund to its users for their membership cancellations. When you cancel your IdentityIQ membership plan, you will be cut off from all the benefits and perks you received through the membership. There are also some free features available that you will be able to use after canceling your membership. 

Does IdentityIQ Has A Customer Service Email?

No, IdentityIQ has not yet provided a Customer Service email to the users that will help them with their related queries. You can get in touch with their representatives or agents by calling them on their help number and informing them about your request or questions. 

Does IdentityIQ Has Free Trial? How To Cancel IdentityIQ Free Trial?

Yes, IdentityIQ provides the new users with a 7 Days Trial for $1. You can go through the services provided by them and choose to continue or terminate service. You can cancel your IdentityIQ trial by dialing their Customer Support number 877-875-4347.

How Can I Contact IdentityIQ Customer Service?

For your queries related to your IdentityIQ account or membership, you can contact their Customer Service department and they will help you accordingly. You can dial their support number at (877) 875-4347 and talk to their representative or visit their official website to get more information. 

Wrap Up

Cyber crimes have enhanced in our society with the development of technology and there are platforms that keep you safe from such threats. IdentityIQ is there to help you secure and protect your identity. However, if you have no plans to continue with the membership you purchased for IdentityIQ then you can cancel it by following the cancellation steps discussed above in detail. Do interact with their Customer Support department for your related queries. 

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