How To Cancel Lifecell South Beach Skincare Subscription & Order?

how to cancel lifecell south beach skincare

If you are suffering from Anti-Ageing Breakthrough and Wrinkles on your skin, then LifeCell South Beach Skincare Tube is for you. However, everybody wants young-looking skin, but with some negative LifeCell South Beach reviews, most people are canceling their LifeCell Skincare Subscription.

LifeCell South Beach Skincare is a popular skincare company that offers a range of anti-aging products.  This company claims to provide the best products to improve the skin’s general appearance and address multiple signs of aging. Their products include- Anti-Aging Treatment Creams, Cooling Under-Eye Treatments, pH Balanced Cleanser, and BB Cream. You can shop for these products on the company’s website and they also provide you with some subscription plans to get these products at discounted prices. 

You can cancel your LifeCell South Beach Skincare order or subscription plan at any time online from Company’s Website or by getting in touch with their customer support service team via email or phone call and submitting your cancelation request.

Can You Cancel Your LifeCell South Beach Skincare?

Yes, you can cancel your LifeCell South Beach Skincare at any time. Make sure to cancel your subscription before the start of the next billing period or month as LifeCell Skincare works on recurring payment methods so that you will automatically be charged for the new billing period. So, cancel your subscription before you get charged. 

How To Cancel LifeCell South Beach Skincare Subscription Online?

You can cancel your subscription to their services online by following a few easy steps if you have already signed up for them. We’ll walk you through how to cancel your LifeCell South Beach Skincare subscription online.

Step 1: Visit The LifeCell South Beach Skincare Website

Visit the LifeCell South Beach Skincare website to begin the online cancellation process. You must use your username and password to log into your account once you are on the website.

Step 2: Navigate To The “My Account” Section

Go to the “My Account” section after logging into your account. All of the details about your subscription, such as billing and shipping information, should be included in this section.

Step 3: “Cancel Subscription” Or “Cancel Auto-Ship”

Look for the “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel Auto-Ship” option once you are in the “My Account” section. It shouldn’t be too difficult to locate this option because it should be prominently labeled.

Step 4: Complete The Cancelation

Once you’ve located the “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel Auto-Ship” option, proceed with the cancellation by following the on-screen directions. The process should be simple, though you might be asked a few questions about why you’re canceling your subscription.

How To Cancel LifeCell South Beach Skincare Subscription Over The Phone?

You can use these steps to halt your LifeCell South Beach Skincare phone subscription:

  1. Call the LifeCell customer service number at 1-866-977-1412 and pay close attention to the prompts to make sure you are put through to the appropriate department.
  1. When a customer service agent connects with you, give them your account details, including your name, email address, and order number, to verify your identity.
  1. Declare that you want to cancel your LifeCell South Beach Skincare subscription to the representative.
  1. In an effort to retain your business, the representative might inquire about the reason behind your subscription cancellation or present you with a discount or alternative product.
  1. If you’re certain that you want to cancel your subscription, let the representative know.
  1. Ask the representative to give you the cancellation confirmation number, or take note of it yourself.
  1. Before hanging up the phone, be sure to express any queries or concerns you may have.

How To Cancel LifeCell South Beach Skincare Order?

If you accidentally placed your order from LifeCell Skincare, then you can cancel your order before it is delivered to you or you can return your order under the 30-day money-back guarantee to get your refund. 

You have 3 ways to cancel your LifeCell South Beach Skincare order.

  • You can cancel your order on your own by entering your LifeCell Account by LifeCell Login information from its website and selecting the “Cancel Order” button (if visible)
  • You can make a call to their customer support service team at 1-866-977-1412 and request their team member to cancel your order over the call

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Return The Product?

Call their customer service line at 866-977-1412 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday, or send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Returns” any time. You will receive thorough instructions on how to return your order from our customer support team.

Can You Get A Refund From LifeCell South Beach Skincare Order?

Yes, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee for your products. If you return your products within 30 days, then you can get your full refund for that particular order. Your refund will be processed right away after they receive your returned item.  After that, you should anticipate receiving your refund in 3-5 business days if your bank is based in the US; for an international bank, it could take 3-14 business days.


It’s important to note that some customers have complained that it was difficult to cancel their South Beach Skincare subscriptions or to get refunds. Follow these above-mentioned methods carefully to cancel your LifeCell Skincare Subscription or order. You can also cancel your Palm Beach Tan Membership.

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