How To Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription? Must-Try Methods!!

How To Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription?

Is Leonardo AI tool safe to use? Well!! It’s a complete Yes. But, still, due to privacy concerns, some people want to cancel Leonardo AI Subscription. That’s why you are here. 

If you are much more into fashion, graphic designing, and marketing profession then Leonardo AI Tool is for you. It creates wonderful designs or projects for your advertisement or for your domain. 

You can cancel Leonardo AI Subscription either online from its account or by getting in touch with their customer support service team. 

You will find out the best possible methods to cancel the Leonardo Subscription in this article. So, if you are interested in knowing about them, then let’s move forward with us. 

Leonardo AI Subscription Plans

Leonardo Subscription comes in three types of subscription plans. Take a look at this table to know about its subscription plans.

Leonardo AI PlansMonthly SubscriptionAnnual Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Apprentice Plan$12 per month$8 per month
Artisan Plan$30 per month$24 per month
Maestro Plan$60 per month$48 per month

How To Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription Online?

Follow these steps to cancel your Leonardo Subscription from your account

  1. Go to Leonardo’s Website
  2. Login to your Leonardo Account
  3. Tap on the “Account” tab
  4. Then, go to “Subscriptions”
  5. Select Cancel Subscription below the Subscription Status
  6. After getting a confirmation, your subscription will be canceled. 

How To Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription Via Contact Form?

There is no online way to cancel your Leonardo Subscription from your account. You can only get help from their customer support team to cancel the subscription. 

To contact Leonardo Support Team, you can fill out this Contact Form and send it to their team. 

Include your Full Name, Reason For Contact, Contact Email, and Message box. When the form is filled, click the “Send a Message” button and the form is submitted to their team. 

How To Cancel Leonardo Subscription Via Email?

Send an Email to the Leanardo customer service team at [email protected] and request them to cancel the Leonardo Subscription. 

Make sure that your email contains all the necessary details which are required by their team in canceling the subscription. 

How To Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription Via Discord?

Leonardo has a large community on Discord where everyone can share their things, problems, or any kind of query. You can also send a message to their team on Discord about canceling the subscription. 

They will then give you the solution on Discord for that by replying back to your message. This is one of the most easy and quick ways to submit your cancelation request to their team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Leonardo?

No, all the payments that you made once for Leonardo’s Subscription are non-refundable. No partial refunds shall be entitled. 

Is Leonardo AI Free To Use?

Yes, you can access the services of Leonardo absolutely free. But, you will get only some of the features of this AI tool in its free version. Leonardo Free Version benefits are limited. 

Is The Leonardo AI Cost Worth It?

Yes, its subscription plans are not soo costly, like anyone can afford it. They will provide many image-generated benefits from this price cost. So, it is completely worth it. 

How To Contact Leonardo Support Team?

In case of any assistance, you can contact Leonardo customer service tea via Contact Form, by sending an email to [email protected] 
Send a text message to Leonardo’s Team on Discord or Twitter. 


We think that this much information is all enough for you to gain clarity on “how to cancel your Leonardo AI Subscription”. In case of any other doubt, don’t forget to connect with their customer support team. You can cancel your Perplexity AI Subscription.

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