How To Cancel TXU Service?

cancel txu service

Are you using TXU energy services? Well, you don’t seem much satisfied with the services as you are looking for ways to cancel your service. No worries, we won’t ask the reason here. Instead, we are here to help you cancel TXU services if you don’t need them anymore. 

TXU Energy is an American retail company that provides electricity and power services to homes, shops, or small or large businesses. You can select any of the energy plans that work well for you according to your requirements and then get the services. 

You can cancel your TXU services by calling their Customer Service department at their given phone number and requesting them to disconnect your service. Do get in touch with the Support department for other related information you need and they will help you with it.

How Can I Cancel TXU Service?

If you don’t want to use TXU services anymore or have found a better, effective option then you can easily cancel it by dialing the TXU help number. 

1. Give a call to the TXU Customer Service at 855-545-5317 and you will be connected to a Customer Care representative. 

2. Request them to cancel or stop your TXU energy service and they may ask you a reason for cancellation so do provide one. 

3. Provide them with your personal details, TXU account information, address, and other information they ask you to cancel your service. 

4. They will go through your service account to ensure you have made all your payments and when all is clear, they will stop your energy service. 

5. Do request them for a service cancellation mail or email for proof for yourself that you may require in the near future. 

How Do I Transfer My TXU Account To Another Person?

You will be able to easily transfer your TXU account to another person by following the steps discussed below.

1. Visit the TXU Change, Move, or Renew Service page to initiate the service transfer procedure. 

2. You will first see the I would like to option where you have to select any of the available options in the list. 

3. Provide your Username and Password to sign in and then hit the Continue button. 

4. You have to provide them with your TXU Energy account number and also your driver’s license number or your Social Security number that they may need to verify your identity. 

5. Follow the steps as prompted and you will be able to transfer your TXU service. 

Cancel TXU Service- FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel TXU Energy? TXU Cancellation Fee

TXU Energy charges a cancellation fee that may range from $150 to $395 for canceling your TXU plan before the time period. TXU charges an early termination fee to the users if they cancel the service prior to their agreement period. These cancellation fees may vary according to your service plan and its length. 

How Long Does It Take For TXU To Disconnect Service?

It may take TXU about 10 days to terminate the energy service. A 10-day notice is provided before the service is disconnected. Your electric bill must be paid during this period or your service will be disconnected. You can get more information by contacting the TXU Support Department. 

How Can I Contact TXU Customer Service?

For any problems related to the services provided by TXU, you can contact their Customer Service department by dialing their help number 1 (800) 818-6132 and speaking to a representative. You can also visit the TXU Contact Us page for more contact numbers and details you may require. 

Wrap Up

TXU Energy Services can provide you with electricity plans as per your requirements. But if you don’t wish to continue using the service then follow the above-mentioned steps and terminate your service. Get in touch with the TXU Customer Service department for more details and they will help you with it. 

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