How To Cancel An Event On Eventbrite? Refund Your Tickets!

Cancel An Event On Eventbrite

Did you create an event on Eventbrite but cannot go with it due to certain situations? Don’t worry about that, we will help you cancel an event on Eventbrite and will inform you of all the important steps you must follow to process this request. 

Eventbrite brings out the hidden event planner inside you and allows you to create or organize an event on Eventbrite and they will charge you the service fees accordingly. They also provide you with simple methods to register for an event or organize tickets for the same. 

You can easily cancel an event on Eventbrite by logging in to your Eventbrite account and then managing your event as per your choice.  From the Dashboard, you will be able to cancel your event and follow the other required procedure to complete your request. 

How Does Eventbrite Works?

The very popular ticketing and event management website, Eventbrite helps people to create events, browse them or even promote their local events. The event organizers have to pay service fees for their events and they are provided with online ticketing services and more.

This platform is available to use for all individuals or organizations. And if you aren’t charging any tickets, it’s even free for the organizers. Its working is also based on how you plan an event. 

When a ticket is purchased at Eventbrite, they charge money accordingly. Their charges include the credit card processing fee and Eventbrite service fees. You must rest assured that Eventbrite does not share people’s personal or financial information with third parties. 

How Can I Cancel An Event On Eventbrite?

To cancel your Event on Eventbrite, you will be required to

1. Visit the official website and log in to your account. 

2. Visit the Manage My Events section from your account page. 

3. Go to your Event Dashboard for further steps. 

4. Remember to go through your event status and if the ticket sale is on, turn it off. You can do that by clicking on On Sale and then Change event status. Select Cancelled and then Take Off Sale. 

5. You will be required to email all your attendees about your event cancellation. Inform them about refunds and if your event has been rescheduled. 

6. Refund all your orders and you are done. 

How To Refund Orders On Eventbrite?

To refund your orders after an event cancellation, you will be required to-

1. Go to the Manage attendees section in your account and then move to Orders. 

2. Click on the Issue multiple refunds option and choose your refund method. 

3. Click on the Select all option and then hit the Refund button. 

4. Confirm your refund procedure and then click on Issue refunds, now the number of refunds you need to make will display next to issue refunds.

How To Unpublish Or Delete An Event On Eventbrite?

If you want to completely remove the event then it can be possible by unpublishing the event or deleting it. 

1. Log into your Eventbrite account and go to Manage My Events. 

2. Choose the event you wish to delete. 

3. From your Dashboard, click on Unpublish Event. 

4. Click on Ok to confirm and your event will get the Draft status. 

5. This will unpublish your event and if you wish to delete it completely then after unpublishing the event and keeping it under Draft, click on the three dots edit option next to it and then Delete it. 

How To Cancel Or Delete An Order On Eventbrite?

1. Go to the Event Dashboard after logging in to your Eventbrite account. 

2. Under Manage Attendees, click on Orders. 

3. Choose your order then click on Actions. From Actions, you can either cancel or delete your order. 

4. Click on Yes to confirm your procedure. 

How To Cancel Without An Eventbrite Account?

1. When you register for an event on Eventbrite, you receive a confirmation email that also possesses your ticket. 

2. From the email, select the title of your event. 

3. Click on View Your Order at the top left of the screen page. 

4. From the options, select Cancel Order and follow the steps as directed. 

Cancel Event On Eventbrite- FAQs

Does Eventbrite Provide Refunds?

Though Eventbrite fees are non-refundable, if the event is canceled, you will get a refund. You can request a refund after the event cancellation within 7 days of the ticket purchase. 

Can I Cancel Eventbrite Ticket On App?

Yes, you can cancel your Eventbrite Ticket on the application itself and you can do that by-

1. Log in to your account and go to Tickets. 

2. Choose your order and select the three dots next to your order. 

3. Tap on Cancel Order and you will receive a cancellation confirmation email. 

Wrap Up

Eventbrite is an amazing platform to create and manage events and invite people. The tickets can be bought easily by anyone. If you want, you can also cancel an event on Eventbrite by following the steps we discussed above and requesting a refund accordingly.

You can also delete your tickets or remove an attendee from the platform. Go through the steps as directed if you ever have to cancel an event on the platform. 

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