How To Cancel Kahoot? Quick And Easy Steps!

how to cancel Kahoot

Traditional learning can be boring and there is no denial in that. But what if learning is combined with games to make education more fun? Kahoot presented this amazing learning method for children where they can enjoy learning through gaming methods and more. However, if you are already a user of this platform and have no need to continue with it now then we are here to help you cancel your subscription. 

Kahoot is a Norwegian learning platform where games like quizzes are presented to the children to make learning fun and effective for them. Those who wish to join can easily get access to the services online through a web browser or by getting the Kahoot application. 

It is easy to cancel Kahoot online and for that, you will have to sign in to your account and then proceed with the subscription cancellation by navigating to the Billing Page. You can also delete your account if you don’t want to use the service in the near future. 

How Can I Cancel Kahoot?

There are a few ways to cancel your Kahoot subscription or service and this surely depends on the modes you selected to purchase your subscription.

Cancel Kahoot Online

1. It is easy to cancel your Kahoot subscription online and for that, you must first sign in to your Kahoot account through your credentials. 

2. After that, go to the Account menu, and there select the Settings list. 

3. Within the Settings list, select the Billing option. This will soon take you to the Billing page

4. From the Billing page, you can now click on the Manage Subscription option which will allow you to edit or make changes to your subscription. 

5. Or you can just directly click on the Cancel Subscription option below in the list and then confirm your cancellation procedure. 

Cancel Kahoot On iOS Device

1. If you purchased the subscription via iTunes on your iOS device then you can also easily cancel it from there. 

2. For that you will first have to go to the Settings application on your iPhone and then tap on your name there. 

3. You might have to sign in to your Apple Id if you are not already logged in. 

4. Now navigate to the Subscriptions section and there select the Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes subscription that you wish to cancel. 

5. Confirm the cancellation step and you are done. 

Cancel Kahoot On Android Device

1. Cancellation is also possible if you purchased the subscription on your Android device.

2. Launch the Google Play Store application on your device and there tap on your profile icon at the top right. 

3. From the options in the menu, choose Payments & Subscriptions and then go to the Subscriptions option.

4. In your Subscription list, look for the Kahoot subscription that you are planning to cancel and tap it. 

5. Now hit the Cancel Subscription button and follow the steps as prompted to confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Kahoot Via PayPal

1. Even if you bought your subscription via PayPal, cancellation is also possible there. 

2. Log in to your PayPal account and go to the Settings section. 

3. Now choose Payments and from the Automatic Payments dashboard, select Manage Automatic Payments

4. You will find the Kahoot subscription in the options, click it and then cancel it.

How To Delete Kahoot Account?

If you are determined that you don’t wish to use Kahoot services anymore then you can of course delete your Kahoot account.

1. For that you will first have to open Kahoot and then hit the profile icon that you can find at the top right of the screen page.

2. From the options, select the Profile Settings section. 

3. In the page that appears, scroll down till you find the Delete Account option at the bottom. 

4. You will be asked if you are sure that you want to delete your account and will also have to provide a reason for account deletion. 

5. From the Select an Option drop-down menu, you can choose the reason for deleting your account. 

6. After you are done, click on the Delete Account option below. Again confirm the procedure by clicking on Delete Account and you are done. 

Cancel Kahoot- FAQs

Can I Get A Refund From Kahoot?

No, you might not be able to get a refund from Kahoot. Kahoot claims that they have a no-refund policy and they have mentioned it in their terms and conditions. This is also because once you cancel your subscription, it is not terminated immediately. They allow you to use the subscription benefits till your current billing period ends. 

How Can I Contact Kahoot Customer Service?

If you are facing problems using Kahoot or have any related queries then you can visit the Kahoot Contact Us page and get the possible solutions for your queries. You can also fill out the form below to email and submit a request for your query to Kahoot. 

Wrap Up

If you wish to make learning easy and effective for your children then Kahoot can be a great choice for that. But if you used Kahoot services and don’t really want to keep using them anymore then do refer to the steps for subscription cancellation as shown above in details. If you are still having doubts and queries then get in touch with the representatives in their Customer Support department and you will be helped accordingly. You can also cancel your Chegg subscription and Duolingo Plus.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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