How To Cancel Duolingo Plus? Easy Steps To Follow!

Cancel Duolingo Plus

Learning can be an easy procedure if it includes fun. Probably what Duolingo does with its great and effective learning methods. If you love learning with Duolingo then you can easily get the membership plans and if you don’t require them anymore, you can easily cancel your Duolingo Plus subscription. 

Duolingo is a language learning platform where you can enhance your listening, speaking, and language learning skills. This educational technology company produces apps and platforms for language learning and you can also practice your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills and get even more benefits with a subscription. 

You can easily cancel your Duolingo Plus subscription on your iOS and Android devices and by visiting and signing in to the official website of Duolingo. You must continue reading to learn more detailed steps of the cancellation procedure. 

What Is Duolingo Plus? Duolingo Plus/Super Duolingo Subscription Plans

Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo is a membership plan for Duolingo where the users get several other benefits in their learning procedure. With this membership, you get to continue your learning without any interruptions. This is made possible by the ad-free feature of Duolingo plus. The users also get unlimited hearts so that if they make mistakes during their learning, it doesn’t hinder their progress.

You even get the ability to review your mistakes and when you make a mistake, you can get personalized lessons to practice them. The members also get unlimited attempts at Legendary Challenges to prove their skills and emerge as the winner. 

A Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo membership can cost about $6.99 per month and with this monthly subscription, you can get either 7 Days or 14 Days free trial and you are then charged monthly. The Annual Duolingo membership can cost you about $83.88 for 12 months. 

Is Duolingo Plus Worth It?

The Duolingo application is available for free and the membership only provides some extra benefits or features that lack in the free version. You should only get a Duolingo Plus subscription if you are looking for ad-free lessons and offline access to them. They also let you track your progress and allow unlimited mistakes.

However, the other learning features and benefits are also available on the free version of the application. So, if you are satisfied with the learning features provided by the free version of the application, then you don’t really require the subscription but if you desire to get the benefits discussed above, a Duolingo Plus subscription can be a great help. 

Does Duolingo Plus Have A Free Trial?

Yes, Duolingo Plus does provide a free trial to all its members as soon as they purchase the subscription plan. You can try the 7 days or 14 days free trial provided by the application to get an idea of what Duolingo Plus actually is and if you are satisfied with the benefits, you can continue with it.

You will get this free period when you go to the official website and buy the Duolingo Plus subscription or the Super Duolingo plan. You can also purchase subscriptions from the application too. 

How Can You Cancel Duolingo Plus? Cancel Duolingo Plus Free Trial

You can cancel your Duolingo Plus on the web, and on your iOS and Android devices. 

Cancel Duolingo Plus On iOS 

1. Open Settings on your iOS device and tap on your name. 

2. Sign in to your Apple ID. 

3. Scroll the screen page till you reach Subscriptions. 

4. Select the Duolingo Plus Subscription you wish to cancel. 

5. Tap on Cancel Subscription and you are done. 

Cancel Duolingo Plus On Android

1. Go to the Google Play Store on your android device and do ensure that you are signed in with the registered account. 

2. Tap on your profile at the top right and from the available options, choose Payments and Subscriptions. 

3. Now, tap on Subscriptions and choose the Duolingo Plus subscription you want to cancel. 

4. Tap on Cancel Subscription and your Duolingo Plus subscription will be terminated.

Cancel Duolingo Plus Through Website

1. Go to the official website of Duolingo and Sign in to your account. 

2. Navigate to your Username at the top right of the screen page. 

3. Select the Settings option and then choose Duolingo plus. 

4. Now, click on Cancel Subscription and then confirm the procedure. 

How To Manage Subscription On Duolingo?

The users can manage their Duolingo Subscription on the official website, on their iOS and Android devices. 

Manage Subscription On Web

1. Go to the Duolingo Website and click on your Profile image.

2. Navigate to Settings and then choose the Duolingo subscription from the options. 

3. Here, you can check your Duolingo subscription status and Manage your subscription accordingly as you wish. 

Manage Subscription On iOS Device

1. Open Settings on your device and then tap on your name. 

2. Sign In to your Apple ID and then tap on Subscriptions. 

3. Select the Duolingo Plus Subscription and then Manage your subscription by changing the plan or going through billing and more. 

Manage Subscription On Android Device

1. Open Settings on your Android device and select Google from the available options. 

2. Tap on Manage your Google account and swipe the options at the top till you reach Payments and Subscriptions. Tap on it.

3. You will now see options like Manage Subscriptions, Manage Purchases and Manage Reservations. 

4. Tap on any of these options and manage your subscription. 

How Do I Unsubscribe From Duolingo Plus?

If you want to unsubscribe from Duolingo Plus, you will be required to:

1. Open the application and log in to your Duolingo account. 

2. Tap on the Cog icon at the top right of the page. 

3. Go to the Settings page and select Subscriptions. 

4. Search for the Duolingo Plus subscription and tap on the unsubscribe link next to the option.

5. Follow the steps as asked and confirm the procedure for unsubscribing. 

How To Get A Refund From Duolingo Plus?

All the charges for Duolingo Plus In-App purchases are non-refundable and there are no credits or refunds for the partially used period of the plan. You can, however, request and get a refund within 48 hours of your transaction date. Follow these steps to get a refund:

From Google Play Store

1. Open Google Play Store on your device and go to the Order History option. 

2. Tap on the three dots on the screen and then go to Report a Problem. 

3. Select the option that is similar to your recent situation and fill out a form to request a refund. 

4. You can now wait till you receive an email from them regarding your refund request and refund details.

From Apple ID

1. Go to the App Store on your device and tap on your Apple ID. 

2. Navigate to the Purchase History option. 

3. Select the transaction for which you desire to get a refund and go to Report Problem. 

4. Follow the steps as asked and finish the procedure. 

The subscriptions of Duolingo are auto-renewed according to the plan you selected so if you wish to stop the auto-renewal then cancel the subscription before the term-end so that you are not further charged for Subscription renewal. 

How To Cancel Your Duolingo Subscription And Get Your Money Back? Request Refund On Duolingo

To request a refund from Duolingo, you will have to –

> Sign in to your Duolingo account.

> Then navigate to the Super settings page from the home screen.

> You can now click on the Send Feedback option where you will be allowed to send an email to the officials

> Give details regarding your Refund request and submit it.

Cancel Duolingo Plus- FAQs

Why Can’t I Cancel Duolingo Plus?

You can easily cancel your Duolingo Plus subscription by following the steps mentioned above. If you go through the steps carefully, the cancellation procedure becomes easy. However, if you are unable to cancel Duolingo Plus then do make sure that you have signed in with the correct email address. 

Why Do I Have Super Duolingo Without Paying?

If you just wake up with a Super Duolingo subscription on your device then don’t worry, it’s not a mistake. With the Duolingo referral program, for every 1 person that you had referred for Duolingo and they Sign up for a Duolingo account, you will get a free week of Super Duolingo on your device. 

How Do I Change My Duolingo Plus Subscription?

If you want to change your Duolingo Plan then you will have to go to your profile and then hit the Settings icon. Now navigate to the Super Duolingo section and there, tap on Manage Subscription. You will now see the Change Plan option, tap it and make the necessary changes.

Wrap Up

If learning new languages is your thing then Duolingo is a great option for you. To get more benefits in learning, you can opt for a Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo membership and get a free trial and if it doesn’t satisfy you, you can cancel it by following the above-discussed methods. You can also refer to the steps to manage your subscription. 

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