How To Cancel CobbleStone Car Wash Membership?

How To Cancel CobbleStone Car Wash Membership?

Was your experience at CobbleStone Auto Spa a good one? If you are satisfied with its services, then definitely you can continue with its services, otherwise, we are here with this guide on canceling the CobbleStone Car Wash.

CobbleStone Auto Spa provides car wash services under unlimited car wash plans. You can choose its monthly plan and get your car washed as many times as you want in a month. 

You can cancel your CobbleStone Car Wash Membership by sending a cancelation request to their team via the Manage My Plan Form. 

How CobbleStone Unlimited Car Wash Plan Works?

Follow these steps to sign up for a free car wash and get its monthly plan- 

  1. Choose the Unlimited Car Wash Plan by registering online and making your payment through a secure payment mode
  1. Upon payment completion, an order receipt will be provided to you and you will be selected for the CobbleStone Membership
  1. A Small RFID tag on your windshield will be installed and after that, you will get unlimited car washes
  1. When your current membership term expires, your new monthly membership will automatically start again
  1. There are no contracts under its membership. You can cancel the membership at any time. 
  1. After becoming a member, you will get its membership benefits as well and you can earn rewards too. 

How To Cancel CobbleStone Car Wash Membership?

How To Cancel CobbleStone Car Wash Membership- How To Cancel CobbleStone Car Wash Membership?

Follow these steps and cancel your CobbleStone Car Wash Membership- 

  1. Go to the Manage My Unlimited Membership page. 
  1. Complete the Given Form by selecting Your Region first
  1. Then, choose “Cancel membership” Request from the drop-down menu 
  1. Enter your First and Last Name
  1. Type your Email and Phone Number
  1. Write down some Comments in a few words
  1. Tap on the Next button 
  1. Submit the Form to their team and your cancel membership request will be sent to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Locations Does CobbleStone Car Wash Have?

CobbleStone Car Wash Locations- 34 Colorado and 40 Arizona. You can go to the CobbleStone Website and sign up for its membership. 

How To Contact CobbleStone Car Wash Customer Service?

Fill out the CobbleStone Contact Form and get connected with their team.


If you do not get the expected results from the CobbleStone Car Wash services, then you can cancel your unlimited wash plan at any time by simply sending a cancelation form to their team. 

You can also contact the CobbleStone Customer Service team for help with other queries. You can also cancel The Take 5 Car Wash Membership.

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