How To Cancel Baltimore Sun Digital Subscription?

How To Cancel Baltimore Sun Digital Subscription?

Reading the newspaper is a good habit. Include the Baltimore Sun Newspaper in your daily morning routine and make your mind sharp. 

Baltimore Sun is the daily newspaper of Maryland (U.S.) and comes in print and digital form. You will get the latest information on business, sports, weather, industries, and more in this newspaper. 

In case, if you need help canceling the Baltimore Sun subscription, then we are here for you. 

You can cancel your Baltimore Sun Subscription by making a call to their customer service team on the required phone number. 

How Much Is Baltimore Sun Digital Subscription?

You can use the Baltimore Sun services for free but for a limited time. Baltimore Sun Digital Subscription comes in the following plans- 

  1. Wednesday & Sunday Papers + Standard Digital Access ($1.99 per week + Tax) for the initial 26 weeks.
  1. Standard Digital Access ($1 for 6 months) Then, $4.99 per week
  1. Daily Paper + Standard Digital Access ($6.99 per week + Tax) for the initial 26 weeks 

You can take any of these subscription plans and cancel them at any time with the method we are going to discuss in the below heading. 

How To Cancel Baltimore Sun Subscription?

How To Cancel Baltimore Sun Digital Subscription- How To Cancel Baltimore Sun Subscription?

You can submit your Baltimore Sun Subscription cancelation request by getting in contact with their customer service team and asking them to cancel the subscription.  

Contact the Baltimore Sun customer service center at 443-692-9011 or 1-888-539-1280.

As you will get connected on a call, ask them to cancel the subscription. You can connect with their team on Monday-Friday 7 am to 5 pm; Saturday-Sunday 7 am to noon; holidays 7 am to 11 am. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pause Your Baltimore Sun Subscription?

Yes, you can pause your Baltimore Sun Subscription. You need to inform their team about it by calling 443-692-9011 and they will temporarily stop the delivery of your newspapers until you resume it. 

What Are The Alternatives To The Baltimore Sun?

The best alternatives to the Baltimore Sun are- The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. 

We also have a guide on canceling The Washington Post Subscription and cancel The New York Times Subscription. 

How To Contact Baltimore Sun Customer Service?

You can reach out to the Baltimore Sun customer service team at 443-692-9011. You will get more contact information on the Baltimore Sun Contact Page.

Send your queries to their Mailing Address at The Baltimore Sun, PO Box 1377, Baltimore, MD 21278


Newspapers are helpful for you only when you read them regularly. If you are someone who hardly gets time to read the newspaper, it’s better to cancel the Baltimore Sun Subscription by contacting their customer service team.

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