How To Cancel Jagex? Cancel RuneScape Membership!

cancel Jagex

A gaming enthusiast would have surely purchased the Jagex service. But if you don’t want to continue with the service anymore for whatever reason then no worries, we are here to help you with cancellation by providing you with the correct and effective steps to terminate the service. 

Jagex is a famous video game developer company and RuneScape is considered to be one of its best creations. The platform is also well known for creating community-driven live games and multiplayer role-playing games. You can visit the Jagex official page for gaming details and get the games that you love. 

You can cancel the Jagex service by sending them an email regarding cancellation or by providing them a written notice for the same. You will also be able to cancel RuneScape easily if you have purchased the order. 

Cancel Jagex Terms & Conditions | Jagex Cancellation Policy

Users can complete their cancellation procedure under consumer rights. If you haven’t yet lost your right to cancel then cancellation is easy for you. Your period for cancellation will expire 14 days after you have placed the order. You must keep in mind your cancellation deadline or you won’t be able to make the cancellation if the given time period is over. If the user has canceled the order during the Cancellation Period, then the payments will be refunded within 14 days of the date they receive the cancellation notice. You will be refunded by the same payment method that you used to purchase the subscription. 

How Can I Cancel Jagex?

You will be able to cancel Jagex via email or written notice to them. 

Cancel Jagex Via Email

1. You can open the email application on your device and start composing an email for Jagex. 

2. Use the Subject box to add Request To Cancel Jagex. Now in the email body, write down that you wish to cancel Jagex and give your personal and account details.

3. You must make sure that you have provided the information they require like your name, the email address associated with the account, and also the account name, the name of the service you wish to cancel or obtain a refund. 

4. Also provide the date of placing the order and the payment method you used for that. 

5. When you are done, send the email to [email protected] and they will get back to you asap. 

Cancel Jagex Via Written Notice 

1. You can also send a written notice to Jagex to exercise your cancellation right. 

2. Create a notice with your cancellation request and write down the details that you wish to cancel Jagex. 

3. Add the important details they may require as discussed above like your name, account details, email address, the service you wish to cancel or get a refund for, and information regarding your payment date and mode. 

4. After you have written the notice, send it to Jagex Limited, 220 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WA

They will contact you soon after they receive the notice and help you with your request. 

How To Cancel RuneScape Membership?

You can also cancel your RuneScape membership if you don’t need the game anymore and you must do that at least 4 days prior to your game renewal date. After you cancel the service, your membership will still be active till your current period is over. There are different modes of cancellation and it depends on the payment method that you selected to get the subscription. 

Cancel RuneScape Via Steam

1. If you have purchased RuneScape via Steam then you will first have to visit the Steam official website

2. Now click on your Account Name and then choose the Account Details option from the menu. 

3. From the Account Menu, hit the Manage Subscriptions button. You will see your subscription details there. 

4. Choose the Edit button next to the subscription that you wish to cancel and then select the Cancel My Subscription option. 

5. Click on Apply and your subscription will be canceled. 

Cancel RuneScape Via Google

1. You can also cancel your subscription via Google Play Store if you purchased it from there. 

2. Open the Google Play Store application and then from the Menu, select Payments & Subscriptions and then Subscriptions

3. From the list of options, choose the subscription you wish to end and click the Manage button. 

4. Now click on Cancel Subscription and then Continue to confirm the procedure. 

Cancel RuneScape Via Apple 

1. Cancellation is also possible if you purchased the subscription via Apple. 

2. Launch the Settings application on your device and then Tap on your name

3. Now navigate to the Subscriptions section and select the RuneScape Subscription that you plan to cancel. 

4. Hit the Cancel Subscription option and you are done. 

Cancel Jagex- FAQs

Does Jagex Refund Membership?

Users can request a refund from Jagex if they haven’t yet used the membership within 14 days of the membership purchase. You can visit the official website and then contact them for a refund. 

How Can I Contact Jagex Customer Support?

If you have some doubts or queries related to your subscription plans or the services provided by Jagex then you can contact their Customer Support for help. You can visit the Jagex Contact Us page and get the contact information related to your queries. 

Wrap Up

The popular game developers have created some amazing gaming options for the fans and they can get the one of their choice. But if you already purchased the membership and don’t need the services anymore then you can follow the steps of cancellation mentioned above in detail and terminate the service. Get help from their Support department for more. You can also cancel Nintendo Online.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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