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Your talent is of course the most significant but what can land you an amazing job is the resume that you build up. So, you must have purchased a subscription for creating your CV. But if you are not a big fan of the platform or don’t require the subscription service anymore then we can help you cancel by providing you easy steps to cancel. helps job aspirants to create a professional resume in just a few minutes without wasting much effort on their CV. claims to build a job-winning resume for you and you can get a subscription for other detailed perks. However, if you have already tried the services and don’t require it anymore then it’s probably time for the termination. 

You can easily cancel your subscription in no time by going to the Contact Us page on their official website and clicking on the Cancel Subscription option there. You can also give them a call for more cancellation details. 

Cancel Terms & Conditions

Cancellation with is not a difficult procedure. If you have already purchased a subscription service then you will be able to cancel it in easy steps by either signing in to your account on official or by contacting their Customer Support department and requesting them for the same. 

However, the cancellation will become effective only when your current subscription service plan ends. Also, you won’t be provided with any kind of refund and will be able to use the subscription benefits till the term end. 

How Can I Cancel  Cancel or Downgrade Your Account 

It is easy to cancel online by logging in to your account. 

1. You can open the official website or directly navigate to the Contact Us page. 

2. Now under the Select a Topic section, hit the Cancel Subscription button. 

3. This will open a notification box that will inform you about the cancellation form for easy subscription cancellation. 

4. Again click on the Cancel Your Subscription option in the box. 

5. Provide the registered email address that you used for getting the subscription and then click the Cancel Subscription button next to it. 

6. After that, you will receive a confirmation email from Now follow the steps as prompted in the email and you are done. 

How To Delete Account?

You can also delete your account for good if you are sure that you do not need the services anymore in the future. 

1. Visit the official web page of and sign in to your registered account on the platform. 

2. Now go to the Account Settings page and scroll to the bottom of the screen page. 

3. You will see the Delete Account button there in red, hit it. 

However, you must know that deleting your account on will be a permanent step and you won’t be able to retrieve the account or your cover letter or resume data again. 

Cancel – FAQs

Can I Get A Refund On offers a money-back guarantee to the users who register to the platform for the first time. Here, you can get a 7‑day money-back guarantee, and if you purchase a subscription service on and don’t feel like the service is worth your money within the initial 7 days then they will give you a refund. However, there is no refund for cancellation. You will be able to use the subscription benefits till the end of your current plan. 

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

For any of your queries or issues, you can get in touch with the Customer Support department of by visiting their Contact Us page. Select the subject you require help with and send the message to their Support Team. 

You can also get your answers through the Chat section. Click on the Chat icon at the bottom of the page and get instant answers to your queries. You can also give a call to their representatives by dialing the help number +1 (800) 6404 509

Wrap Up can give you help with job-providing CV and cover letters or resume builder. But if you don’t require the resume builder or have already got the job of your dreams then you can cancel the subscription service by following the cancellation steps discussed above. Their Customer Service department is always there to help you with your requirements so you can contact them when in need. You can also cancel your Resume Now subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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