How To Cancel Instant Checkmate Membership? 3 Methods!!

How To Cancel Instant Checkmate

Many people canceled the Public Info Search Records due to its limited information and now they must be using Instant Checkmate as its alternative. Well!! Depending on their criteria and needs, many people are kept using Instant Checkmates while some others are finding methods to cancel their subscription. 

The best part about Instant Checkmate is that it gives you almost every important and detailed information about anyone. If you are from the Civil Service department, then this platform is very useful for you, as it provides you will almost all the detailed information about the particular criminal. It is one of the largest Public Records Search Service Platforms in the world. 

Instant Checkmate provides you with the following easy ways to cancel your membership. You can either cancel the membership online from your account or by reaching out to their service team- by email or phone call. The choice is yours!!

Instant Checkmate Membership Cost

Instant Checkmate is a kind of service or Platform that can give you access to get detailed information about any person across different locations. They can collect almost all the information and save them in their database and display them in an easy and readable format. When you search for a person, you may get the following information from Instant Checkmate Report- Contact Details, Location Information, Criminal Records, Phone Numbers, Social Media Accounts or Profiles, Death Records, and much more. 

Instant Checkmate Pricing Information

Take a look at this table to check out the membership plans for the Instant Checkmate. 

Person Reports (People Search)Phone Reports (Reverse Phone Lookup)
$35.12/ month ( 1 month)$28.09/month (3 months)$5.99/month ( 1 month)

By becoming Instant Checkmate Member, you will get Unlimited Person, Phone, and Location Reports. Apart from these membership plans, Instant Checkmate also offers you extra Add-Ons Membership plans. 

Instant Checkmate Add-Ons Membership Plans

Downloadable Report FilesDark Web Monitoring
$3.99 (one time)$1.99 per month

Downloadable Report Files give you access to PDF files, so you can easily download your reports and view them at any time. With, the Dark Web Monitoring plan, you can protect your sensitive information. 

How To Cancel Instant Checkmate Online?

According to Instant Checkmate Cancellation Policy, you can cancel the subscription at any time by logging into your account or by getting in contact with their customer service team. Well!! We suggest you start with the cancelation process on your own from your Instant Checkout Account. 

Follow these simple steps to cancel Instant Checkmate Online. 

  1. Go to Instant Checkmate Website and tap on the Login button from the top.
  1. Then, log in to your Instant Checkmate Account with your First & Last Name and your Email Address (Instant Checkmate username)
  1. Select the Account tab and go to the “Membership Settings” from the top right corner
  1. Click on the Cancel Subscription from the bottom of the active subscription
  1. Enter the required information for cancelation and hit the “Submit” button
  1. Your cancelation request will be sent to their team and after getting your request, they will cancel your Instant Checkmate Account quickly. 

How To Cancel Instant Checkmate By Email?

You can also contact their customer service team for canceling your Instant Checkmate Account. For this, the first way to contact their team is by sending an email. For this, you just need to write a cancelation email. Make sure to include your First and Last Name and the Email address you used to make an Instant Checkmate Account. 

Send that composed email to [email protected] or [email protected]. Within 24-48 hours, your email cancelation request will be accepted and your account will be canceled by their team. 

How To Cancel Instant Checkmate By Phone?

You can also have direct contact with their customer service team by calling the Instant Checkmate customer service phone number at (877) 564-3003 from Monday to Friday 7 am to 4 pm. Get connected with their team on a phone call and submit your account or membership cancelation request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Instant Checkmate Refund?

According to Instant Checkmate Terms & Conditions, its Refund Policy is handled by its customer service team. If you are not satisfied with your Instant Checkmate Membership plan, then you can cancel the account and submit your refund request by calling on their team’s number at (877) 564-3003

Does Instant Checkmate Offer A Free Trial?

No, Instant Checkmate does not offer you a free trial. To use its services, you can take one of its membership plans. 

Does Instant Checkmate Have An App?

Yes, to use its services, download the Instant Checkmate App from the google play store. 

How To Contact Instant Checkmate Customer Service?

You may contact Instant Checkmate Team for any inconvenience. You call directly call on  (877) 564-3003 to get instant help or message them on their Twitter Account. You can visit their HelpCenter for more help. 


Instant Checkmate always wants customer satisfaction, so they are looking for ways to make their services even better than before. If you are a frequent user of Instant Checkmate, then you can submit your feedback to their team for improvement and if you are someone who still wants to put an end to your subscription, then you are allowed to do that with these mentioned easy methods. 

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