How To Cancel WhoEasy Membership? Quick Ways!!

How To Cancel WhoEasy

Do you want to keep yourself and your family safe from any online fraud? In this Digital world, where along with online work, online frauds are also increasing. WhoEasy keeps you safe from external malicious behavior. If you are using it for a long time and now want to cancel it, then here’s our ultimate guide on how you can cancel WhoEasy. 

Well!! Getting unknown and spam calls has become so common nowadays. So, for this, all you use mostly used True Caller to identify the unknown numbers. Right? But, WhoEasy is one of the best safety platforms, especially made for you to look up any unknown number and prevent you from any kind of external online fraud include- spam calls, any malicious marketing strategy, online shopping fraud, or even online dating. 

The two most possible ways to cancel your WhoEasy Membership include- Cancel Online or canceling by getting the help of their customer support service team. 

Can You Cancel WhoEasy Membership?

Yes, if you no longer want to use the services of WhoEasy, then you can cancel your membership at any time to avoid being billed for the following membership terms. 

How To Cancel WhoEasy Membership Online?

According to WhoEasy Terms & Conditions, the first and the most used method to cancel the WhoEasy Membership is online by logging into your WhoEasy Account and following certain steps to cancel the membership. 

Steps to cancel the WhoEasy Membership include the following- Login to your WhoEasy Account> Tap on the “My Account” link or button> Select the Membership Type> Tap on the “Change Plan” link> Then, Select “Cancel My Membership” button. 

How To Contact WhoEasy Customer Service For Canceling Membership?

If you are facing any kind of trouble while canceling your membership online, then you also have the option to get direct help from their customer service team.

Yes, with WhoEasy available contact option, you can contact their team and submit your membership cancelation request to them. After that, your cancelation of membership will be taken care of by them. 

Here are some working contact options from which you can reach out WhoEasy Service Team. 

  1. Contact Form: You can fill out the WhoEasy Contact Form with the required attributes. First, you need to choose your concern or issue from the drop-down menu. After that, your Name, Email, and Contact Number are required. Then, provide some details about your problem, related to cancelation, or any other issue. Finally, hit the “Submit questions” button and the form will be sent to their team. They will contact you soon. 
  1. Social Media: You can also send a direct message to their team on their Social Media Handles, and you will get a reply from them. You can message on WhoEasy Twitter Account or Facebook Account. 
  1. Email: If you have any questions related to the WhoEasy Cancellation Policy or any kind of other issue, then sending an email also be a better option. To get in contact with their team, send an email to [email protected] and wait for their team’s response. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From WhoEasy?

No. Except for the set forth herein, WhoEasy does not provide you with any kind of refund. All purchases under WhoEasy are non-refundable. 


No more wrong calls with WhoEasy. In short, we can say that, in terms of safety, WhoEasy is better than TrueCaller because it provides more features than TrueCaller.

But, still, due to certain things, some people had a bad experience with WhoEasy and they quickly want to cancel the membership. If you also want the same, then do follow these easy methods to cancel your WhoEasy Membership without any difficulty. 

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