How To Cancel Inshape Membership? These Steps Surely Work!

How To Cancel Inshape Membership?

Do you know that apart from fitness, Inshape is also known for providing some other services? Well!! Inshape serves their customers not only fitness but also other activities like swimming, sports, relaxation, and more such things. But still, it has average ratings which is the main reason most people are finding ways to cancel their Inshape Membership. 

Inshape provides its customers with good services. People also join the membership in shape to have access to more things. They also provide you with a 1 week’s free membership trial. But some members may want to cancel the membership because of financial reasons or not liking the services or some other reasons.  So, in this article, you will learn how to cancel Your Inshape membership.

You have 3 ways to cancel your In shape Membership. They are:

  • Cancel Via Email
  • Cancel Via Inshape App
  • Cancel By In-Person

Can You Cancel In Shape Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your In shape Membership within the first five days of your joining excluding Sundays and holidays. 

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How To Cancel Inshape Membership Via Email?

One of the most effective ways to cancel your In shape membership is by writing a composed or by sending your cancelation notice via email to [email protected] or first class mail to In-shape member service, 6507 Pacific Ave, #344, Stocken, CA 95207. After sending your cancelation notice, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your cancelation. Make sure to check your emails properly and on time. 

Note: It should be noted that any cancellation request should be made with a notice of 30 days prior to the date you want to initiate the cancellation. Also, they should be cleared in these 30 days.

How To Write Notice Of Cancelation?

To cancel the membership via email, the notice has to include all the essential details regarding the member and membership such as full name, number, account number, payment details, etc.

How To Cancel Inshape Membership Via The InShape App?

You can cancel the membership through the Inshape app. To do so, follow the given steps:

  1. Login to the Inshape App
  2. Tap on “Profile”
  3. Click on “Manage Membership”
  4. Select “Cancel Membership”
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions for further cancelation steps.

How To Cancel Inshape Membership By In-Person?

You can also visit the Inshape club personally to know the details of cancelation and initiate the process of membership cancellation. To start the cancellation process in person, you need to call the member service and make an appointment, then visit the club and ask their team member to cancel your membership. 

Can You Pause Your Inshape Membership?

Yes, you can. You can also freeze or pause your membership if you want to discontinue it for some time. By freezing the membership, you don’t have to pay the return fees at a different rate. 

How To Pause Inshape Membership?

Follow these steps to put your Inshape membership on hold:

  1. Login to your Inshape App
  2. Tap the “Menu” button from the top left side
  3. Select your “Profile”
  4. Select the “Membership Holds” option

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Can You Get A Refund For Your Inshape Membership?

Whenever people cancel their gym membership, the first question comes to mind is, “Can they get their refund from it or not”? The same goes for the Inshape Membership. If you are also thinking the same for the Inshape gym, then we must tell you that, Yes, when Inshape Membership is canceled, you can get your refund within 30 days of the cancelation date. 

How To Delete Your Inshape App From Your iPhone? 

Follow these steps to cancel Inshape app from your iPhone device:

  • Go to your iPhone settings 
  • Head to “General> “iPhone Storage”
  • Scroll down to look for Inshape from the list of installed apps
  • Tap on the Inshape app to uninstall or delete it  

How To Delete Your Inshape App From Your Android? 

If you are an Android user, then here are the steps to delete your Inshape app from your device. 

  • Open Google Play from your device
  • Click on the “Hamburger menu” from the top left side
  • Navigate to “My apps and Games” 
  • Then, go to the “Installed” option
  • Choose “Inshape” from the list of the installed options list
  • After selecting Inshape, click on “Uninstall”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Inshape Offers A Free Trial?

Yes, before taking its membership, Inshape provides a 1-week free trial to their new customers. 

Can You Transfer Your Inshape Membership To Someone?

Yes, you can transfer your Inshape Membership to someone within 48 hours of making the initial online payment. Members send an email to [email protected] to submit their request to transfer their membership to someone.

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Well!! It’s time to say goodbye to Inshape gym. Are you tired of your daily fitness routine with Inshape? Then, we are here to help you in canceling your Inshape membership with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Choose any one of these above-mentioned ways to cancel your membership or you can also put a hold for some time on your membership. The choice is yours. 

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