How To Cancel A Western Union Transfer? I Did The Same Way!

how to cancel a western union transfer

Did you make a money transfer using Western Union and now are thinking of canceling it? Well, if you already made a transaction but need to undo it now due to any reason then we can help you cancel your Western Union transfer in easy steps. 

Western Union is a financial service company that allows people to send and receive money around the world. You can look for the nearest Western Union location, provide the required information, and then transfer the money in cash or with your card. 

If you have made a money transfer via Western Union but now wish to cancel it then you can cancel your transfer online from the website or the application. You can also cancel the transfer from the agent location or by contacting Customer Care

How Can I Cancel A Western Union Transfer?

If your money transfer has not been yet picked up or deposited then you can easily cancel your Western Union transfer and it depends on the method you chose to make the transfer. 

Cancel Western Union Transfer On App Or Website

1. Go to the Western Union official website or log in to your account from the app. 

2. After logging in to your account, you will see all your recent money transfers on the screen page. 

3. You can now select the money transfer that you wish to cancel and click on the Show Details option there. 

4. If you are eligible to cancel your money transfer online then a Cancel Transfer link would appear there. 

5. Click on the link and follow the cancellation steps as prompted. 

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Cancel Western Union In-Person-Initiated Money Transfers

1. If you made a money transfer in person then you will be required to visit the agent location or its nearest branch. 

2. You must possess a government-issued Id for visiting the agent location. 

3. Tell the agent or representative there that you wish to cancel your Western Union money transfer

4. If you are eligible to cancel the transfer then they will help you accordingly. 

Cancel Western Union Money Transfer Via Customer Care

1.  You can also contact Western Union Customer Care to cancel your transfer. 

2. The users can visit the Western Union Contact Us page and get in touch with their Support team. 

3. There, you have the option to Chat with their representatives. Click on Chat With Us and type in your query in the message box. 

4. You can also dial their Customer Care number to cancel your transfer. Dial 1800 325 6000 (US) or 1877 989 3268 (Website Care). Tell them that you want to cancel your transfer and if you are eligible then they will help you. 

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How To Request Western Union Money Order Refund? 

You can dial 1-800-999-9660 to check your Money Order status and find out if you are eligible to request a refund. You will now be required to fill out the Request Form to proceed further. Add all the required details carefully and upload the documents as asked. When you are done, you can now click on the Submit button to send the form. To process this Money Order request, a $15 non-refundable processing fee would be required. If the money transfer has been cashed, you will be notified of the status. You can send the other required documents via mail if asked so. 

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Cancel Western Union Transfer- FAQs

Why Can’t I Cancel My Western Union Transfer?

Western Union money transfers can only be canceled if the transfer has not yet been collected by the receiver or it is not deposited to the receiver’s account. If you are unable to cancel your money transfer then probably it has already been received or deposited to the receiver. You can contact Western Union Customer Service for more details on your transaction. 

Can You Get Your Money Back From Western Union?

If your Western Union transfer takes place within the United States then the qualifying refunds would be processed within 45 days of your request being received. You can either receive the money transfer or find the refund reflected in your card account. It depends on the method that you used to make your transactions, you will receive the refund accordingly. 

How Much Is Western Union Cancel Transfer Fee?

If you are canceling your Western Union Money Transfer, a non-refundable processing fee of about $15 would be deducted from your account. However, if your money order is less than $20 then the processing fee to be deducted would be around $3. You can go through their guidelines from Western Union’s official website for more details. 

Wrap Up

Money Transfer gets easy with Western Union and making amends to your transfer is also an easy step. But if you have made a wrong transfer or need to undo it due to some reason then you can cancel your money transfer easily by following the detailed steps discussed above. You can also check out if you are eligible for a refund and request them for the same. There are several interaction options with Western Union Customer Service and if your queries persist, you can get in touch with them for your solutions. 

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