How To Cancel OkCupid Subscription? 3 Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel OkCupid

It seems like you took the OkCupid Subscription to find a genuine partner, but things didn’t go as planned. So, now if you feel like moving to a different platform, then here is a guide to canceling your OkCupid subscription.

OkCupid is a dating app that is specially designed in that way so that you will find a partner who shares mostly the same kinds of interests as you. If it’s not meeting your requirements, then there’s no reason to linger on it for long.

OkCupid Subscription works on an automatic billing system. To cancel it, you need to “turn off its automatic billing” option from its website. You can also cancel OkCupid Subscription from third-party services.  

Can You Cancel OkCupid Subscription?

Yes, if you can not find a partner on OkCupid or you just feel like you are wasting your time on this platform, then you are free to cancel your OkCupid Subscription at any time. However, you can also “Delete” or even “Disable” your OkCupid account, as you want.

How To Cancel OkCupid Subscription If You Paid Via Credit Card Or PayPal?

If you took OkCupid Subscription by directly paying from your credit card or your PayPal Account, then these steps will help you cancel your subscription.

  • Go to your OkCupid Account from OkCupid Website (You are not able to cancel via OkCupid App)
  • Then, move forward to your Subscriptions Settings page to view the details of your subscription
  • Click on “Turn Off Automatic Billing” from your subscription settings page 
  • After, clicking, you will be free from the automatic billings in the future, but you’ll be able to access the Subscription features till the end of your current subscription term. 

How To Cancel OkCupid Subscription If You Paid Via iTunes Or iPhone Apps?

If you purchased the OkCupid Subscription by paying via iTunes, then you are not allowed to cancel your subscription from its website. You need to cancel it from the iTunes Store or your iPhone. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Go to your iPhone Settings > Tap on your name> Open iTunes & App Store
  • Go to the top of the screen and tap on the Apple ID> View Apple ID
  • Click on the Subscriptions option> Select OkCupid Subscription
  • Finally, click on the Cancel Subscription button and your subscription will automatically stop as your current billing period ends.

Note that, OkCupid does not cancel subscriptions for iTunes Purchases, so if you are having any trouble canceling your subscription with the above steps, then you can directly contact iTunes or Apple Support.

How To Cancel OkCupid Subscription If You Paid Via Google Play?

Follow these steps to cancel your OkCupid Subscription, if you have purchased its subscription from Google Play Store.

  • Go to your Google Play Store App> Tap the Menu Button
  • Open Subscriptions list> Choose OkCupid Subscription
  • Then, tap on Cancel Subscription 

How To Delete Or Disable OkCupid Account?

You know that you can also delete or disable your OkCupid Account, after canceling your subscription. But, what’s the difference between disabling an OkCupid account and deleting it? When you delete your account, then it’s permanently deleted, which means you are not able to recover it again.

Disabling your account means temporarily ‘pausing’ it. When your account is disabled, it will appear deleted to others, but you can reactivate it at any time.

How To Delete Or Disable Account From OkCupid Website

Go to OkCupid Website> Log in to your Account> Go to Settings Page> Tap “Need a Break” from the bottom> Delete or Disable Account. 

How To Delete Or Disable Account From OkCupid App

Open OkCupid App> Go to your profile page> Tap on Account Settings> Then, Disable the Account> Follow the further instructions to disable or delete OkCupid account from the app. 

If you permanently want to lose access to OkCupid, then deleting your account is the best option for you.

What Happens To Your Paid Subscriptions If You Disable/Delete OkCupid Account?

  • Subscriptions Paid Via PayPal Or Credit Card: If you disable your account, then your automatic rebilling system will also stop. If you log in again to your account, then you have to take the subscription again after your account has expired. When you delete your account, your account and subscription will both be deleted.
  • Subscriptions Paid Via iTunes Or Google Play: iTunes and Google Play do not provide any direct disabling or deleting account options. Even after disabling or deleting your account, they continue with their automatic billing process and you will be charged for the subscription. So, in the case of iTunes or Google Play, you need to cancel your subscription first, then go for the deleting or disabling process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Request A Request For Canceling OkCupid Subscription?

If you cancel your OkCupid Subscription from iTunes, then for its refund you need to submit your refund request from Apple Support

For other purchased services (Google Play Or Credit Card), you can send an email to [email protected] for a refund request. 

How To Contact OkCupid Customer Service?

You can contact the OkCupid team via email at [email protected] or you can Submit a Request to their team.

Why Can’t Cancel OkCupid Subscription?

If you are not able to cancel your OkCupid Subscription, then it means that your subscription is canceled already, or you can contact their customer service team for your issue. 


Whether you find a partner from OkCupid or you do not like the app that much, whatever the reason is, we are sure that now you can cancel the subscription or even account on your own.  

If you have any queries regarding the mentioned steps, you can reach out in the comments below. We are happy to help. Meanwhile, you can explore other dating apps and have a better experience.

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