How To Cancel GoodRx Gold Membership & Get refund With Easy 2 Methods!

How To Cancel GoodRx Membership?

It looks like you no longer need your GoodRx Gold Membership, and you found it quite complicated to cancel your Membership. Then, it’s not true! If you properly know how to handle your GoodRx Care Account, then you can easily end up with your membership with the steps that we are going to discuss in this article. 

If you came from a middle-class family and deal with medical services, then GoodRx Gold Membership is the best fit for you to save your money on your medicines as GoodRx provides you discounts on your doctor’s prescribed medicines. You can take its subscription plan for all of your family members in a one-membership plan.

You need to log in first to GoodRx Website, then from GoodRx Care Account, you can cancel your GoodRx Membership or you can make a call to their Gold Direct Helpline Number from 8 am to 7 pm to cancel it.

But, if you are already a GoodRx Subscriber and due to any emergency or reason, you want to cancel your membership, then here are the ways to do so. 

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How Much Is GoodRx Gold Membership?

To understand GoodRx Gold Cancel Membership with a step-by-step guide, you just need to stay on this article and read it up to its conclusion. 

GoldRx Gold Membership includes a monthly membership program that entitles you to up to 90% off prescription drugs and healthcare discounts. Its membership is free for the initial month (that is for 30 days). After that, it comes up with two types of membership plans.

Individual Plan: This plan costs around $9.99 per month and you will get up to 90% off on your prescriptions, free and convenient home delivery, and you can save approximately $2,862 per year on retail prescription prices.

Family Plan: This plan costs $19.99 per month for all your family members. Your family members will get up to 90% off your prescription rates, you can add up to 5 more members to this plan, free home delivery, and save up to $4,052 per year on retail prescription prices. 

How To Cancel GoodRx Membership Online?

Follow these simple steps to cancel your GoodRx Gold Membership from your mobile or desktop web browser.

  • Log in to your GoodRx Account from your web browser
  • Select “GoodRx Gold” under the “Your Account” menu
  • Tap on the “Cancel Membership” button under “GoodRx Plan Details”
  • Again, tap on “Cancel Membership” from the pop-up menu
  • After that, you will see a green message on the screen, stating “Your Membership is Successfully Canceled”
  • GoodRx Gold Tab is removed from “Your Account”
  • You will also receive a confirmation message in your email, that your GoodRx Membership is no longer active. 

How To Cancel GoodRx Membership Over The Phone?

Canceling GoodRx Membership over a phone call is one of the easiest and the most straightforward methods other than canceling it online.

If you don’t want to cancel your membership by logging in to your account from its website, then simply just pick up your phone, dial the GoodRx Gold Phone number at 855-449-0865, and talk to one of their team representatives and ask them to cancel your GoodRx membership.

They will help you to proceed further with your cancelation steps and you will surely end up canceling your membership. 

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How To Get A Refund From GoodRx? Simple Trick

Do you want a refund from GoodRx?

Well!! You will get a refund from GoodRx under some conditions. If you are not satisfied with its service, then you can end your membership at any time. 

Under what conditions you will get GoodRx Refund?

If you are not satisfied with any of their doctor’s visits or they will not provide you with any treatment. If any case, you are not satisfied with their services, then you will get a refund for that case.

How will you get a refund?

You can request your refund by calling their Helpline number at 855-846-4665 from 6 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. 

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GoodRx Cancel Membership- FAQs

Does GoodRx Gold Have An App?

Yes, both Android and iPhone users can able to download the GoldRx App and access their GoldRx Care Account from the app. 

What Is the Difference Between GoodRx And GoodRx Gold?

You need to pay a membership fee for using GoodRx Gold and for GoodRx, you don’t have to pay anything. However, GoodRx Gold will offer more useful features than GoodRx. 


Before taking GoodRx Gold Membership, if you want to try it for free, to get an idea of its discounted prices on your health services, then it’s possible.

GoodRx offers you a 30-day free trial period and after using it for 30 days, if you don’t want to continue with its service, then you can easily cancel your GoodRx membership from your GoodRx Care Account with the steps we mentioned above in this article.

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