How To Cancel Chuze Membership? Easy Cancellation Steps!

Cancel Chuze Membership

You must have got a Chuze Membership at affordable rates for your health and fitness maintenance. But are you satisfied with the services provided by them?

If you don’t want to continue with Chuze then we can help you cancel your Chuze membership. Chuze is popular among fitness lovers as it provides gym membership at low and affordable rates.

Members can get all the gym facilities and amenities from Chuze and select their training schedules and classes. The members can also join the Chuze application to stay updated about their specials. 

If you want to terminate your membership with Chuze then you can cancel it by visiting your local Chuze gym location and submitting your cancellation form. You can also send your cancellation form to your gym by certified mail. This will help you cancel your membership. 

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Chuze Fitness Membership Plans And Charges

Chuze provides three different membership plans and you can select any of them that works best for you. The membership plans have affordable prices so that health and fitness training is available for all. The membership plans include Basic, Premium, and More. 

The Chuze Fitness Basic Membership is available for $9.99 for one person. With this membership plan, you get Single Club access with selected equipment and training. The iChuze Fitness is available for $5.99/month.

The Chuze Fitness Premium Membership is available for $21.99 for one person. This membership plan will provide you access to all Chuze locations with more privileges and benefits than the Basic Membership.  The iChuze Fitness is available for $5.99/month

The Chuze Fitness More Membership can be purchased for about $39.99 for one person. This membership also provides access to all Chuze locations with other benefits and perks. The iChuze Fitness is available for free. 

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How Can I Cancel My Chuze Membership? Chuze Membership Cancellation Policy

You will be required to cancel your Chuze membership by visiting your local gym location. The members should submit their membership cancellation form and make sure that they provide cancellation notice 10 days prior to their next billing date.

To cancel your Chuze membership, you will have to write down a cancellation form and add your details such as your name, the reason for your membership cancellation, and your signatures. Do provide them with your membership and account details. 

If you are, however, unable to visit your local Chuze gym location then you can send your membership cancellation form to the mailing address of your gym as certified mail. Write down all your membership details and other important information mentioned above and post it to your gym address. 

According to Chuze’s Cancellation policy, members must mandatorily provide a 10 days notice before their next billing date.

You won’t be able to cancel your gym membership if you still have outstanding charges. If you have an annual membership and you are canceling your membership before the 12-month period then you might be required to pay a cancellation fee of about $50.

If you are a new member of Chuze and cancel your membership within the first 5 days of its initiation then you will receive a full refund. 

How Do I Cancel My Recurring IChuze Fitness Subscription? Cancel Chuze Membership On App

If you are using the Chuze application and want to stop the recurring subscription then it is possible online. 

1. You will be required to first provide your credentials and Sign in to your IChuze account

2. Now navigate to the My Account section from the Dashboard at the top of the screen page. 

3. Now select the Billing option and look for your subscription plan there. 

4. Click on Cancel Membership and this will end your subscription plan. 

Cancel Chuze Membership-FAQs

Can I Cancel My Chuze Membership Online?

No, you cannot cancel your Chuze membership online. You must visit your local gym location to cancel your membership.

If you are unable to visit in person then you can send the required membership information with your cancellation request in the form of certified mail or fax.

If you have a Chuze application on your device and have purchased its subscription then you can cancel your application subscription online as mentioned above. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Chuze Membership?

If you cancel your Chuze membership before your membership commitment period is over then you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

You must provide a 10-day notice before your membership cancellation. Also, if you are a new member of Chuze then you will be refunded in full. 

Wrap Up

If you are looking for amazing equipment, fitness training, and other benefits at affordable rates then Chuze can be a good option for you.

But if you tried Chuze membership and are not satisfied or have to terminate due to any other reason then you can follow the membership cancellation steps we discussed above in detail.

You can visit the official website or go to your local Chuze gym location if you have more related queries and the representatives there will help you accordingly. You can also cancel your LA Fitness membership.

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