How To Cancel GoodLife Fitness Membership? 2 Easy Methods!!

How To Cancel GoodLife Fitness

It feels like you wanna get rid of your GoodLife Fitness Membership because its services are not worth the money you paid. Wanna Know some of the possible ways to cancel Goodlife Fitness? If yes, then stay connected with us at the end of this article. 

In today’s time, everybody starts looking after their health and trying to maintain their physical fitness to the best. For this purpose, people joined the GoodLife Fitness Membership and starts using its services. But somehow, some members got disappointed with its services due to their preferred reasons and want to cancel it immediately. 

You can cancel your GoodLife Membership at any time by getting support from their customer service team- either by phone call or sending them an Email. Detailed cancelation steps are explained later in this article.  

Can You Cancel GoodLife Membership Anytime?

You are allowed to cancel your bi-weekly and monthly memberships as in these memberships there is no commitment. It can be canceled at any time with almost 30 day notice period. Remember, GoodLife Fitness Yearly membership cannot be canceled before its commitment period. 

How To Cancel GoodLife Fitness Membership Over The Phone?

If you want a convenient and easy method to cancel your GoodLife Fitness Membership, then calling is the best option for you. 

You can contact the customer service team of GoodLife Fitness by making a call on their available phone number at 1-800-387-2524.

On calling, you will get connected to their team member over a call and you have to submit your cancelation request in front of them by providing them with all the necessary membership details. 

They will then ask you for the date on which you will get your cancelation done and after all these steps, they will cancel your membership for you. 

How To Cancel GoodLife Fitness Membership Via Email?

The other way to get in touch with their customer support team other than calling is sending them an Email. 

Yes, you can submit your cancelation request to their team by sending them an email to [email protected] After receiving your Email, their team will get back to you shortly with the steps to cancel your membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel GoodLife Membership Online?

You can try to cancel your GoodLife Membership online by logging into your Goodlife Member Portal and finding the option to cancel the membership.

How To Freeze Your GoodLife Membership?

You can freeze your bi-weekly and monthly GoodLife Membership. To get more information on the freezing process, you can contact the GoodLife Fitness Customer Service Team. They will help you with the freezing rules and steps. 

How To Contact GoodLife Customer Service?

GoodLife Fitness provides you with easy and fast customer support service. You can contact their team either by calling 1-800-387-2524 or via email to [email protected] 

Does GoodLife Fitness Offer A Refund?

In your initial 10 days, you can cancel and get your full refund after purchasing your GoodLife Fitness Membership.


In the end, we finally conclude this article on how to cancel GoodLife Fitness Membership and we hope that the person who finished reading this article will get to know about all the possible and effective ways to cancel the membership.

Membership cancelation with the help of their customer team will always be a better option and GoodLife Fitness also include customer service support for easy cancelation or any other kind of help.

If you wanna get a better alternative than GoodLife Fitness, then Club Fitness is also a good option for you. No Worries!! Club Fitness Cancelation Methods are also there.  

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