How To Cancel Club Fitness? All 4 Methods Simplified!

How To Cancel Club Fitness? All 4 Methods Simplified!

If you have found a better fitness gym in your location to maintain your physique at more affordable prices, then it is time that you cancel your Club Fitness membership as soon as possible and we are here to help you out with the same. 

With a membership to Club Fitness, you can have access to a wide variety of equipment with which anyone can maintain a good routine to work out and keep it fresh and exciting at the same time. However, tons of new fitness clubs and gyms are opening up in every locality which gives one the choice to try out all the options. 

To cancel your Club Fitness membership, you can either visit their studio and talk to the staff member about the same and fill out their cancelation form or simply contact them over the phone and request the cancelation of the membership. Some regions also provide an online cancelation method. 

Continue reading this article if you want to know in detail all the methods of canceling a Club Fitness membership in a simplified manner. 

How To Cancel Club Fitness?

There are certainly more than one methods in which you can have your membership to Club Fitness terminated and we have discussed each of them right here, so just take a look and decide which one of them is suitable for you to pursue. 

How To Cancel Club Fitness Membership In Person?

If you are still living in the same locality, then you can cancel your Club Fitness membership by simply visiting your local Club Fitness location during staffed hours. You can check out their website to find the staffed hours for your locations or contact the club directly for the same. 

On visiting the Club Fitness gym, you can speak with one of their representatives in person and request to cancel your membership. They will direct you to the specific staff member who handles the membership cancelations. 

Fill out any necessary paperwork or provide any required information such as your membership number or a verification ID. 

Next, you have to just confirm the effective date of your cancelation. Make sure that you ask the staff member to provide you with a copy of the cancelation agreement for your records. 

How To Cancel Club Fitness Membership Via Mail?

If you cannot visit the location of Club Fitness in person, then you can also send a mail to their address for getting your membership canceled. 

In this method, you will be first required to write down a letter to Club Fitness requesting to cancel your membership. Make sure that you include your name, address, and membership number in the letter. Provide a suitable reason why you are canceling the membership and also mention the effective date when you would like to cancel the services. 

Once the letter is composed properly, you can send it to the corporate office address of Club Fitness. You can find this address on their website. Then, just sit back and wait for their confirmation on the successful cancelation of your membership. 

How To Cancel Club Fitness Membership Over The Phone?

If you want a more convenient and direct method for the cancelation of your Club Fitness membership, then you can simply use the calling method. 

You can contact the customer service of Club Fitness whose phone number you will find on their website as well as on the back of your membership card depending upon which locality’s club you have joined. 

On calling on the number, you will be connected with their customer support agent whom you can provide your membership number and personal information and then make a request to cancel your membership and provide the effective date when you wish to cancel. 

Ask them to provide you with the confirmation of the cancelation and request a copy of the cancelation agreement for your records. 

How To Cancel Club Fitness Membership Online?

If you are among those who prefer to do their job on their own, then, the manual method of canceling your Club Fitness membership will be perfect for you. Here are the steps in which you can easily cancel your Club Fitness membership online. 

1. Head to the official website of Club Fitness on your web browser. 

2. Log in to your Club Fitness account.

3. Head to the “My Account” or “Membership” section of the website.

4. There, you will easily find an option to cancel your membership, select it.

5. Follow the prompts to complete the cancelation process.

6. Confirm the effective date of your cancelation and request a copy of the cancelation agreement for your records. 

Remember that the online cancelation option may not be available for all the Club Fitness locations or membership types. So, if you do not find the option to cancel your membership on the website, then you will have to use one of the other methods for cancelation which we have listed above. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we come to an end to our article on the cancelation of the Club Fitness membership and we are sure that you must have found the ideal method for yourself and have been successful in canceling the membership in time. Remember that if you want to terminate the membership urgently, it is better to talk to their representative straightaway. If you want to cancel your membership to another fitness gym like Gymbox, then you can check out our article on the same.

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