How To Cancel Daily Wire Subscription? 7 Brief Steps!!

How To Cancel Daily Wire Subscription?

Most people signed up for news websites to stay updated on everything that occurs in their country or even in the world. People used their free trial versions without any hesitation, but many stopped using them when they automatically switched to paid subscriptions. Here in this article, we came up with some steps to cancel Daily Wire Subscription. 

The Daily Wire is an American Media Company that provides articles, podcasts, and videos to make you updates about the news related to politics, current events, and cultural events on their website. In short, if you are a subscriber of Daily Wire Plus Subscription, then you get all the latest information on what is happening around the world. 

You can cancel your Daily Wire Subscription online from its website by logging into your Daily Wire Account and looking for the Cancel button from your subscription section. Getting in touch with their customer support team will also be helpful for cancelation. 

How To Cancel Daily Wire Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your Daily Wire Plus Subscription online-

  • Log in to your Daily Wire Account
  • Go to your Profile Badge and tap on Settings
  • Tap on the Cancel button from the bottom of the subscription section on the Settings Page
  • You will get a confirmation message of your subscription cancelation in your email
  • You can access the subscription benefits for the rest of your current subscription term, even after cancelation. 
  • If you are unable to cancel the subscription online, then you can also submit a request to their team to clearly mention that you want to cancel your subscription. They will surely help you out with this.  

How To Reactivate Your Daily Wire Plus Subscription?

After canceling your subscription, you can come and again join while your subscription is still active. You just need to log in to your Daily Wire Account> Navigate to Account Settings> Then, Membership tab> Tap on the Reactivate button 

How Can I Downgrade My Daily Wire+ Subscription?

To downgrade your Daily Wire+ Subscription, you need to submit a request to their Support Team. Go to Daily Wire+ Help Page and click on Submit a Support Request button from the bottom of the screen. After submitting your support request, their team will come to get you assistance. 

What Are Daily Wire+ Shipping & Return Policy?

Shipping: Most of the orders are delivered to you within 10-14 business days. They do not offer to ship outside Cannada and the United States right now. 

Daily Wire Subscription Refund & Return

In order to return your order, you need to make sure that your order must be in return condition (non-defective & unused condition). If your order return is successfully accepted, then you have 30 days to submit a refund request. You need to send a photograph, a short message about your problem, and your order number to [email protected]  

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Daily Wire Customer Service?

You need to visit Daily Wire Support Page and Submit a Support Request to their team. After that, you will get assistance from their team. 


Daily Wire+ Subscription is useful to you only when you have enough time to properly go through the content on their website. But, if you have really a very busy schedule and hardly get time to utilize its subscription, then it’s better for you to cancel your Daily Wire+ Subscription today to avoid being charged for it. Put an end to your Daily Wire+ Subscription with the steps mentioned in this article. 

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