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How To Cancel

To check out their credit reports, most people take Experian Membership and if you are a subscriber of Experian, then you must be aware of Free Credit Report. It is a part of Experian which keeps a great check on your credit score. If currently, you are in search of some methods to cancel, then you are landed on the right post. is a part of Experian from which you can get your Free Credit Report and FICO score. It is one of the largest online consumer credit websites which provides the services of credit scores, credit reports, credit monitoring, and other credit information. 

You can easily cancel your Freecreditreport membership in the Experian CreditWorks at any time. Make sure to cancel the membership before it is renewed to its new subscription period plan to avoid being charged for it. 

How Do I Cancel

Well!! According to its terms & conditions, can only be canceled from the Experian CreditWorks (as it is a part of Experian). You must need to cancel the membership before its renewal date so that you won’t get unnecessarily charged. If you cancel your membership, in the middle of the subscription plan, then you can use the benefits of its membership until the end of your current subscription term. 

To cancel your at any time, you can cancel it from the iTunes or Google Play Store. Check out the below guides for cancelation. 

Cancel via iTunes

Cancel via Google Play

Even, Apple and Google do not get any notification about a person’s death and keep billing that person’s account. In that case, a member from that deceased person’s estate may have to contact Apple or Google about the demise of the person and stop the automatic recurring charges from them. 

How To Cancel Over The Phone?

In case, if you failed to cancel the membership from iTunes or Google, then you can cancel it by contacting their customer service team. To contact their team, dial 1-855-962-6943 and get connected with their team on a call and do a clear and direct conversation with them about your cancelation. 

Their team will listen to your problem and will help with some steps to cancel your membership from Apple or Google Play. In short, guide you properly and you will surely end up canceling your membership with their assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Customer Service?

You can make a call at 1-855-962-6943 to get in touch with their team or contact Experian Customer Service Team at 1-866-617-1894. For more information, you can explore Freecreditreport Contact Page

Can You Get A Refund From Freecreditreport Cancelation?

Absolutely No. They do not provide any refund, or prorated refund for your canceled memberships. You can use the membership benefits until the end of your current subscription plan. But, no refunds will be given. 


Even after coming to its conclusion, we hope that now you will not have to search again for cancelation. We tried our best to deliver you with almost all possible ways to cancel the membership for you. If still, you have any issues, you can contact their customer service team. Check out this guide to canceling Experian Membership. Also Know, how to cancel Viewfreescrore Membership.

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