How To Cancel Fortnite Crew? PlayStation, XBOX PC, Switch, Mobile

Cancel Fortnite Crew

If you really take your Fortnite game seriously then a Fortnite Crew Subscription would definitely be perfect for you. But if you already have the subscription and don’t wish to continue it then you can easily cancel your subscription from the specific platforms you play on. 

Fortnite Crew is specifically for those who are obsessed with this game and are even willing to spend money on it. You can get several in-game benefits with this subscription like more currency in the game and even more costume options for your players. 

If you want to cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription, then you will have to follow the specific methods described for this purpose depending on the gaming console on which you have this subscription. You can cancel your subscription on PlayStation, Xbox, PC/Epic, Nintendo Switch, and Samsung Mobile devices

What Is It In Fortnite Crew? Fortnite Crew Subscription Price 

Fortnite Crew has benefits and perks that are not possessed by non-members. With this subscription, members can choose from numerous character outfits and accessories options. You can also get around 1,000 Vbucks which are the in-game currency of Fortnite. The members can unlock new character skin and gears and will also get access to the battle pass of the current season. You can easily purchase the subscription from the Item Shop or from the Battle Pass purchase page. 

Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription and is available for you to purchase at $11.99 each month in the United States. In the UK, you will be required to pay £9.99 each month. You can get this subscription on the platforms it is available at. 

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How Can I Cancel My Fortnite Crew Subscription?

You can easily cancel your Fortnite Crew Subscription based on the mode of your purchase. 

Cancel Fortnite Crew On PlayStation

1. To cancel your Fortnite Crew Subscription if you purchased it on PlayStation, you will have to go to  

2. You will now be required to Sign In to your PlayStation Network. 

3. Navigate to Subscriptions Management

4. Select the Turn Off Auto Renew option and this will cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription. 

Cancel Fortnite Crew On Xbox

1. If you purchased your Fortnite Crew on an Xbox console then you will have to go to

2. Now, you can sign in to your Microsoft account. 

3. At the top of the screen page, you will find the Services and Subscriptions option, click on it. 

4. You can look for your subscriptions in the list. Hit the Manage option next to them. 

5. At the right of the page, click on Turn Off recurring billing

6. Follow the steps as asked and this will cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription. 

Cancel Fortnite Crew On PC/Epic

1. Go to the official website of Epic games

2. Log in to your account on Epic Games. 

3. From the left of the page, you can choose your Fortnite Crew subscription

4. At the top right of your subscription, you can click on the gear icon

5. Click on Cancel Subscription and follow the steps further to complete the procedure. 

Cancel Fortnite Crew On Nintendo Switch

1. Go to the Home button on your Nintendo Switch.

2. Navigate to Eshop on the platform. 

3. Now, click on the account icon present at the top of the screen page. 

4. Choose the Fortnite Crew subscription you wish to cancel. 

5. Turn off the Automatic Renewal to cancel your subscription. 

6. Follow the steps asked to confirm the procedure.

Cancel Fortnite Crew On Samsung Mobile 

1. If you bought the subscription on your Samsung Mobile device then you can cancel it there by going to the Galaxy Store

2. Open the Menu and go to Subscriptions

3. Choose Fortnite Crew from the list. 

4. Tap on Cancel and this will cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription. 

How To Rejoin Fortnite Crew?

If you subscribed to Fortnite Crew through Epic Games then it is easy for you as Epic Games has a particular button or option for this purpose. You can rejoin Fortnite Crew by just clicking on it. You can rejoin Fortnite Crew by looking for the Rejoin button in your game and clicking on it. You can also go to the game’s official website and then navigate to the tab for this purpose. By following the steps mentioned there on the website, you can rejoin your Fortnite Crew. 

However, some of the members have complained that these steps do not work for them anymore while others do believe that rejoining from the same platform you subscribed to is easy. We will recommend you follow these methods and see for yourself if it is possible on your console or through the official website. 

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If You Cancel Fortnite Crew Do You Lose Everything?

You can cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription anytime you want and your membership will still remain effective till your current billing period ends. Even if you cancel the subscription, you will still keep all the battle passes, Crew-packs, and V-bucks that were awarded to you

However, if you select Cancel Subscription and Get Refund then you might not be able to keep all those stuff after a subscription cancellation. 

What Happens If You Have The Battle Pass And Buy Fortnite Crew?

The players get the Battle Pass or a 950 V-Bucks return once they first Sign In to Fortnite Crew. This situation takes place when the users have already purchased the Battle Pass. You will be able to cover the amount you spent on Battle Pass with these 950 V-Bucks.

Wrap Up

Fortnite is an insanely popular game and has a huge fan base. If you too are a huge fan then you can get the Fortnite Crew subscription easily from the platforms. But if this subscription is not required anymore then you can cancel it from where you got the subscription. Follow the above-discussed steps for that according to the gaming console or device you are using. 

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