How To Cancel FYE Membership? Have You Tried These Steps?

Cancel FYE Membership

If you are a fan of pop culture merchandise then FYE is the best place for you. You can purchase your favorite characters, shows, movies, and other merch from here. But if you no longer desire to purchase products from here then you can easily cancel your FYE Membership. 

FYE is an entertainment retail store where you can buy unique and innovative products relating to your favorite entertainment mode. You can buy your entertainment in-store or online with a great number of options available for you. 

If you desire to cancel your FYE membership pass then you can easily follow the procedure by canceling the membership through an email, by a phone call, a mail, or through online mode of cancellation. 

What Is FYE? FYE Backstage Pass

Whether it is your devotion and dedication to Batman or your love for Wakanda Forever. Whether it is about collecting Naruto merch or using Groot as your Christmas decoration, whether it is to buy the CD of Eminem’s Curtain Call or Style’s- Harry’s House, FYE has everything for you.

You can now buy the merchandise of your favorite entertainment modes like movies, shows, music, games, and more. The purchase mode can be both online and in-store. 

FYE provides its members with a Backstage Pass that can serve them several benefits in their shopping. If you are purchasing in-store, your 10% discount will immediately get into effect with this membership plan. There are basically two types of Backstage Membership plans:

1. VIP Backstage Pass

In VIP Backstage Pass Membership, you get a month’s free trial, and then you will be required to pay $11.99 to continue your membership. You can get cashback on various popular brands, you can book travel, and use other gift cards. There are also numerous deals and offers for the members. 

2. Platinum Backstage Pass

The Platinum backstage pass is an annual membership where the customers are required to pay $25 for a year. You can purchase the Platinum Backstage Pass by visiting one of the store locations of FYE and get the benefits of various discounts and offers. 

How To Cancel FYE Membership?

There are many different ways to cancel your FYE membership or your VIP Backstage pass. You can cancel your subscription easily by calling the representatives, writing a mail, sending them an email, and also through online mode. 

Cancel FYE VIP Pass Membership Through Email

1. Open the default email application on your device. 

2. Compose an email and provide all the personal details they might require with of course your VIP Membership number. 

3. Send this email to [email protected]

4. You must ask the company for a confirmation message about your cancellation procedure. 

Cancel FYE Membership Online

How To Cancel FYE Membership? Have You Tried These Steps- Cancel FYE Membership Online

1. Go to the official website of FYE and open the Contact Us page. 

2. You will see a short form on the screen, provide all required details to continue further. 

3. You will now be asked for the Reason for Contact. Select Member Cancellation from the options provided. 

4. After you are done submitting the form, it’s time to wait till you get a confirmation from them. 

Cancel FYE VIP Pass Membership Through A Phone Call

1. You can also contact FYE Customer Service for your membership cancellation. 

2. Talk to their representative at 1-877-351-2131. 

3. Request the executives to cancel your VIP Pass membership. 

4. Do ask for your request confirmation from the representatives through an email or whatever they provide. 

Cancel FYE VIP Pass Membership Through A Mail

1. You can also write them a letter for your VIP pass membership cancellation. 

2. In your letter, provide all the personal information and required details that they might need to initiate your membership cancellation procedure. 

3. Do remember to add your membership number. 

4. After you are done writing the letter, you must mail them to their official address. Remember to deliver the letter to 

FYE Backstage Pass VIP,  P.O. Box 41248 Nashville, TN 37204

How To Cancel FYE Backstage Pass Without Card?

If you wish to cancel your FYE Backstage Pass Membership but do not have your card with you then you can contact their Customer Service for the same.

You can talk to one of their representatives by calling Customer Care at 1-877-351-2131. Tell them about your situation and they will surely help you with whatever they can and will cancel your FYE Membership. 

You can also visit for getting more details regarding your Backstage Pass membership plans and the benefits they provide the customers. You can also send an email to [email protected] and request them to cancel your membership.


How Do I Find My FYE Backstage Pass Membership Number?

If you want to search for your membership number then you definitely need your member card. You can see your FYE Backstage Pass Membership number beneath the bar code on your Backstage Pass member card. 

How Do I Unsubscribe From FYE Magazines?

To unsubscribe from your FYE Magazine Subscriptions purchased in-store, you can contact the representatives by calling them at 1-877-813-4977. Talk to the officials and tell them that you wish to unsubscribe from FYE Magazines and do remember to ask for confirmation regarding the procedure. 

Can I Cancel My FYE Membership At The Store? 

Yes, if you purchase an FYE Backstage Membership pass from a retail store then you can also cancel your membership pass at that store. You can talk to the representatives there and ask them if you wish to cancel your membership. They will surely help you with that. 

Will I Get A Refund for Cancelling the FYE Backstage Pass?

If you get an FYE Backstage pass membership from the store and cancel it at the store itself then you will be eligible for a FYE Backstage pass refund.

However, you must also remember that a complete refund can only be provided if you cancel your membership the same day you purchased it from their entertainment store. 

How To Contact FYE Backstage Pass Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to the FYE Backstage Pass, then you can contact their service team at 1-877-351-2131 or [email protected].

Open this Contact Form and submit your query to their service team.

Wrap Up

You can buy several unique and amazing merch from FYE stores or even from their online stores. The membership plans of FYE provide many other benefits in shopping.

But if this membership isn’t working for you anymore and you wish to discontinue it then you can cancel your backstage pass by following the methods detailed above. You can also contact their Customer Service for more issues related to FYE Membership and Backstage Pass. 

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