How To Cancel Flight On Delta? Easy Cancellation And Refund!

how to cancel flight on delta

If your traveling plans have changed or you have to postpone the bookings due to some reason then no problem, you are eligible for that. We can help you cancel your flight on Delta by providing you correct and effective steps for the same. 

Delta airlines let customers book flights, and hotels, or even rent cars for their travels. Customers can manage or upgrade their flight bookings from their official website or through the Delta app on their mobile. You must go through their cancellation and amendment policies before canceling your flight. 

You can cancel your flight on Delta from their official website by visiting the My Trips section on your account page. You can also make changes to your flight booking on the app and edit your flight details. 

What Is Delta Flight Cancellation Policy? Delta Flight Cancellation Fee And Refund

Even Delta is aware that there can be chances and situations when one has to cancel their flight bookings and thus they made the procedure simple for travelers. They have eliminated flight-changing fees for travelers whose tickets originate from Canada, Africa, the United States, Europe, or the Caribbean areas. This makes it easy for you to change flight dates, locations, or times. 

If the tickets originate from somewhere outside these regions, you may have to pay flight change or cancellation fees. It will depend on the location of your flight region or the type of ticket you possess. Delta provides customers with a 24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation period where they can cancel their flight tickets for no charge. If you cancel your tickets after this period, then you will be provided with a refund after charging $99-$200 for cancellation for a basic economy ticket. 

For non-refundable tickets, you can be charged a cancellation fee of about $0-$400. The same charges will be applied if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of its departure time. This 24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation period is provided to customers who purchase a qualifying eTicket originating from the United States. The cancellation charges also depend on the type of your tickets. 

How Can I Cancel My Flight On Delta?

You can easily cancel your flights on Delta from their official website but you must possess the required details for completing the procedure. 

1. You will be required to find your flight confirmation number first. The flight confirmation number would be present on the flight confirmation email that you receive after your ticket booking. 

2. Open your email inbox and look for the email from Delta. The confirmation number will be at the top of the email, you can note it from there. 

3. Now sign in to your Delta account from the website and navigate to the My Trips section. Provide your name and flight confirmation number as asked to locate your trip. 

4. When you finally find the trip that you want to cancel, hit the Need to Cancel button. Now select Start Flight Cancellation and follow the steps as prompted. 

Go through your flight details on the page and then Confirm that you want to cancel your flight. 

How To Cancel/Manage Flight On Delta App?

Delta made it easy for customers to manage their flights and bookings on the Delta app itself. 

1. Open the Delta app on your mobile device if you wish to make changes to your flight or manage the bookings. 

2. Log in to your Delta account by providing your credentials and then move to the My Trips section. 

3. You will be required to provide your flight confirmation number and your first and last name. You can get the confirmation number from the email sent by them after your flight booking. 

4. After locating your flight on the page, you can now manage your flight or make the necessary changes as required. 

Cancel Flight On Delta App- FAQs

How Late Can I Cancel Delta Flight Before Departure?

If you wish to cancel your flight on Delta, then you must request a cancellation by midnight after purchasing your eTicket. A cancellation request can also be made by midnight of your flight’s departure date. These requests must be made prior to the commencement of your travel. 

How Can I Check Delta Refund Status?

If you have already made a request for your flight cancellation refund and wish to check the status of your request, you must visit the Check Refund Status page. You will have to provide your first name, last name, ticket number, and refund request number. 

What Can I Do If Delta Changed My Flight?

According to Delta, if your flight’s schedule or routing change is delaying your arrival or departure for more than an hour, you will be able to choose another alternate flight, and that too for no additional charges. Other details like your destination or travel dates must be the same. 

How Can I Contact Delta Customer Support?

If you have any urgent queries related to your flight bookings and more then you can get in touch with Delta representatives by dialing their help number 1 (800) 221-1212. You can also visit Delta Help Center for more information and contact details. 

Wrap Up

You can easily book your domestic and international flights from Delta by visiting their official website. However, if you already booked a flight ticket but now need to cancel your travel plans then go through the flight cancellation steps discussed above in detail. You can edit your flight details and information from the Delta app. Contact Delta Customer Service for more related queries. You can also cancel your Southwest Flight.

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