How To Cancel Finish Line Order? 2 Quick Modes!

how to cancel finish line order

If you are into sports and athletics then you must also definitely be into their merchandise. Finish Line can provide you with numerous options for your athletics accessories and clothing. But if you placed an order there and no longer require it then we can help you cancel your Finish Line order. 

Finish Line is a retail chain in the US where you can purchase sports and athletics shoes and other related accessories. You can easily order your favorite items and merchandise online from the website and cancel or return an order if you don’t need it anymore.

You can cancel your Finish Line order by calling their Customer Service department but you must be quick with your steps as there isn’t much time provided for the cancellation. You can also return your Finish Line order if you are unable to cancel them.

How Can I Cancel Finish Line Order?

You can easily cancel your Finish Line order by contacting the Customer Support department via phone but you must be quick with it. There is only a short time available to cancel your order or make changes to it so you should do it fast. 

Cancel Finish Line Order Via Phone Call

1. You can cancel your Finish Line order soon after you placed it by contacting the Customer Service representatives through a phone call. 

2. Dial their Support number 1-888-777-3949 and you will be connected to a Finish Line representative. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your Finish Line order and they will review if you are eligible to make the request. 

4. Provide the with your order details or other information that they ask for. They will cancel your order and will send you a confirmation email when done. 

 Check Finish Line Order Status Via Email

1. You can also make inquiries related to your Finish Line order by sending them an email for the same. 

2. Go to the Finish Line Customer Support page and click on the Email button there. 

3. Fill out the form by providing your name and email address in the given boxes. 

4. From the Subject box, select the Order Inquiry option on the list. 

5. In the Message box, write down the details of your Order Inquiry and when done, click on the Submit button. 

What Is The Return Policy For Finish Line? Finish Line Return And Exchange

According to Finish Line Return Policy, you will be able to return your orders easily and for free if the items satisfy a few conditions. They must be unworn and in their original, proper condition. Returning is easy if the price tags are still attached to the items or accessories. Your footwear items must be returned in their original condition and their original box or packaging. Returns should take place within the first 45 days of their original purchase

Items purchased in Finish Line stores can be returned there within 45 days of purchasing and they too shall satisfy the above-mentioned conditions. Go to the Finish Line store location and tell them that you want to return your item and they will help you accordingly. Also, for your item exchange, most of the merchandise and selected items can be exchanged by providing your original sales receipt. The procedure must be completed within 45 days of its original purchase. 

Finish Line Cancel Order- FAQs

How Long Does It Take For Finish Line To Process Your Order? Why Is My Finish Line Order Still Processing?

Finish Line may take about 3-5 business days to process your order and you receive it after that. You can track your order from the official website. If your order is still under processing after the given time period then there can be issues with the product availability and the shipment procedure of your product. You can contact the Finish Line support department for more details. 

How Long Does It Take Finish Line To Refund?

When you cancel your order on Finish Line or return it after receiving it, it can take Finish Line about 3-5 business days to process your refund and for the amount to be reflected in your account. It may take a bit longer depending on your bank account and other situations. 

Why Did Finish Line Cancel My Order?

It does not happen frequently but there are times when customers complained that Finish Line canceled their orders. The reason could be the availability of the item you ordered. There are chances that the selected items are no longer in stock and they might have canceled your order due to this reason. There can also be issues with your payment methods. Contact Customer Service if you go through this problem. 

How Can I Contact Finish Line Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your orders on Finish Line or the services provided by them then you can contact their Customer Service department and they will help you accordingly. You can dial their help number at 1 (888) 777-3949 and speak to a representative regarding your queries. You can also send them an email for your request by visiting the Finish Line help page. 

Wrap Up

You can place orders for your favorite sports and athletics clothes and accessories on Finish Line from their official website or visit their store for the same. But if you already placed an order but don’t require it now then follow the steps discussed above in detail to cancel your order immediately. Contact the Finish Line Customer Service department for more help. You can also cancel your Fanatics order.

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