How To Cancel Fi Collar Subscription?

How To Cancel Fi Collar Subscription

Always worried about your dog leaving you? Well, the little beasts do scare us when we can’t have our eyes on them. Fi Collar took this panic seriously and developed dog collars that would keep track of your dog and its movements. They also provide subscriptions for the same with easy methods to get or cancel a subscription.

We know how much your pet means to you and the love and care we have for our pets can never be matched. The moment you get a dog for yourself, the next important thing is to get a dog collar but is your dog collar simple? What if there is a collar that would both look cool on your dog and even lessen the stress of your dog running away? Fi listened to the prayers and developed a dog collar that would also trace its location.

When you no longer want to utilize Fi services anymore then you can cancel the subscription in easy steps. If you subscribed through their website, then you must start by logging into your Fi collar account> Billing> Subscription section> Cancel Subscription> then Confirm and you are done. There are also different modes according to the device you use which we will discuss further. 

What Is Fi Collar? How Does It Work?

Fi Collar is a helping hand for all those dog owners who are always worried about their pet’s whereabouts. They do appear like normal dog collars but have embedded with technology. These collars have GPS trackers within to trace the movements of your pet so that if they are ever far from your sight, you will know where to get them. Like a pedometer, they do track the steps of your pet but the GPS and LTE connection is a great help to trace their location.

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This Smart collar uses both Wi-Fi and GPS to track the location of your dog with its daily steps routine. Fi uses AT&T’s LTE-M network for tracking purposes. The collar also consists of a Home Base that is to be plugged into the user’s home and connected to Wi-Fi. If your dog is far from your sight or you no longer know where it ran away then you can hit on the Lost icon on the app’s map and this will toggle the Lost Dog Mode. With this, you will get minutes’ updates of your pet’s movements. 

You can even create a number of Safe Zones for your pet and you will be notified if they leave those zones. You can keep a schedule of your pet’s steps and even their sleep routines with just a dog collar. 

How Can I Set Up The Fi Collar?

It is not very difficult to set up the collar if you carefully follow these steps:

> Plug in the Home Base or the Charging Base that you get with the collar at home. 

>Now, pair up the collar with the Home Base you plugged in. 

>With Bluetooth, you can connect the dog collar to your own Smartphone. 

>The Home Base must be connected to the Wi-Fi.

When your dog is at home, the collar is connected to the Home Base and when you take them out for a walk, it’s connected to the paired Smartphone. 

>You can create your Dog’s profile and add information regarding its age, weight, and breed and you can even set a Steps goal for your dog like you do in your pedometer.  

>You can also invite other dogs and measure your dog’s activities compared to the others. 

How To Get Fi Collar Subscription?

To Subscribe to Fi Collar, you will have to follow some easy steps:

  1. Go to the Fi collar App on your device
  2. Hit the Activity/Sleep tab on the page and then Tap on the See GPS Plans option. 
  3. The next page will provide you with all the Subscription plans available for the users.
  4. You can Select the GPS plan you desire to get and then Continue
  5. Provide the information about the payment modes and when you are done, tap on  Place Order

You will now finally get subscribed to Fi Collar. 

Update or Cancel my Fi Collar Subscription – Here’s How

Yes, if you don’t wish to use the Fi Collar services then you can easily cancel your subscription. Through the Fi Collar Website:

  1. Go to the website and Login to your Fi Collar account. 
  2. You will find the Billing Tab on the page, click on it. 
  3. On the next page, look for the Subscription section. 
  4. Hit the Cancel Subscription button under Subscriptions and then Confirm it. 

When the Subscription gets canceled, you will no longer need to pay any more after your current plan deactivates. 

Cancel Fi Collar Subscription Through iOS Devices

To cancel the Fi Collar Subscription from your iOS devices, the users will need to:

  1. Go to the Settings App on your device and then Tap on Subscriptions. 
  2. Now, navigate to your Apple ID on the device and Sign In.
  3. Go to the Subscriptions button and from the available options, Select Fi subscription. 
  4. You can now finally tap on Cancel and this will deactivate your Fi Subscription. 

Cancel Fi Collar Subscription Through Android Devices

To cancel the Fi Collar Subscription from your Android devices, the users must:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store you are signed in to. 
  2. Tap on your profile showing at the top right and you will see a number of options. 
  3. Select Payments and Subscriptions from the list and then tap on Subscriptions. 
  4. Tap on the Fi Collar Subscription from the list and then hit Cancel Subscription. 

Finish the steps and the subscription will be deactivated from your device. 

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Fi Collar Subscriptions-FAQs

How Much Will I Have To Pay For Fi Collar Subscription?

To get the amazing benefits of Fi Dog Collar, you will first have to pay $149 for the Smart Collar itself. This will also include the Home Base and GPS device. To get the exclusive GPS features, you will have to get the Fi Collar Subscription too. It costs $8.25 for a month and to get the benefit for a year, you will have to pay $99. 

Can I Use Fi Collar Without A Subscription?

The Fi Collar subscription is optional for the users. Yes, you can still use Fi collar without a subscription but to get the benefits of the Lost Dog Mode and other specific features, you must opt for a Fi Collar subscription. 

Does Deactivating Fi Collar Cancels Subscription?

No, deactivating your Fi Collar will not Cancel or pause your Fi Collar Subscription. You should only deactivate it if you are transferring to a new device or upgrading to a new Fi Collar for your dog. 

Can I Update Or Change My Fi Collar Subscription? 

Yes, you can of course change or update your Fi Collar Subscription. To do so, you must inform the Fi Team by submitting a request form provided by them and tell them about the changes you want in your plan.

Wrap Up

Fi Collars are just the best guardian for your dog and it makes it easy to track their movements. You can opt for Fi Collar Subscriptions to get the advantages of its special features or even cancel an already had subscription with the methods we discussed above. 

Do choose Fi Collars for your dog so that your adorable beast stays next to you forever. 

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