How To Cancel Apple Pay Payment? Cancel Apple Cash!

Cancel Apple Pay Payment

The transaction becomes easy when it is available to you on a single platform. Apple Pay can help you send or receive money easily. But if you ever make a wrong transaction then what? Don’t worry, you can easily cancel your Apple Pay payment transaction and we will help you with that. 

Apple Pay is a service provided to iOS users where they can make payment transactions easily. This feature is supported in almost all Apple devices. The money received through Apple transactions will be displayed on your Apple Cash card in the Wallet section. 

If you ever made a wrong transaction via Apple Pay then you can cancel your payment easily from the chat thread or the Wallet and Apple Pay section. You can refer to the details of payment cancellation provided below to understand the complete procedure. 

How Can I Cancel My Apple Pay Payment?

Cancel Apple Pay Payment From Text Message

1. Open the Message app on your iOS device. 

2. Open the text section of the person you sent the payment to and then tap on the Apple Pay payment in the messages. 

3. Now tap on the Cancel Payment option on the next page. 

4. When you are done, the payment option in that text thread will show Canceled. 

Cancel Apple Pay Payment If Message Is Deleted

1. Open the Settings app on your device and visit the Wallet & Apple Pay section. 

2. Choose the card you selected for your Apple Pay payment. 

3. Now, tap on the Transactions button on the next page. 

4. You will now see the list of your Latest Transactions and can select the payment you wish to cancel.

5. Tap on Cancel Payment and you are done. 

It might take about 1-3 business days for your Apple pay payment to be refunded. 

How To Request A Refund From Apple?

1. Visit the Report A Problem page and Sign in to your account. 

2. Tap on the I’d like to tab and then select Request A Refund

3. Provide a reason for your Refund request in the next box. 

4. Tap on Next and you are done. 

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How To Remove Your Cards From Apple Pay? How To Cancel Apple Pay On Another Phone?

If your phone is ever lost or stolen then don’t worry, you can remove your cards from the device to prevent your money from being stolen or misused. 

1. If you are using a PC or Mac, you can sign in to your apple account and then click on the lost iPhone option. Navigate to the Wallet & Apple Pay section and then click on the Remove items button to remove your card from your device. 

2. If you are using another iPhone for this procedure then go to the Settings app and then tap on your name on the page. Tap the lost iPhone option and then move to  Wallet & Apple Pay. Select Remove items and this will help you remove your card from the lost device. 

You can also contact the Customer Support department for more help related to this issue or you will be required to get in touch with the issuers of your card for more support if the procedure fails. 

Cancel Apple Pay Payment- FAQs

How Can I Cancel Apple Pay Without My Phone?

If you want to cancel your Apple Pay without your phone then the best step would be to mark your device lost. This would lock your device with a passcode and Apple Pay would be disabled on that lost device. This would also keep your payment information secure. 

Can You Cancel An Apple Pay Payment After Accepted?

No, you won’t be able to cancel your Apple Pay payment after it has been accepted by the recipient. You can, however, request them to send you the payment back. To cancel your transaction, go to the message thread and select the payment, check its status and if it isn’t received yet, cancel it immediately. 

How Do I Contact Apple Pay Customer Service?

If you have problems with the transaction or your Apple payment or Apple Card then you can directly contact Customer Support by calling on 877-255-5923. Talk to a representative there and tell them about your problem. They will help you accordingly. 

What Happens After You Cancel An Apple Pay Payment?

After you cancel an Apple Pay payment, the transaction would be refunded into your bank account within the next few days depending on your account or the issuers of your card. However, you won’t get a refund if the other person has already accepted your payment transaction. 

Wrap Up

It is of course easy to make a transaction via Apple Pay but you must also be careful about the transactions. If you ever make a wrong payment and the receiver has not accepted it yet then you can cancel your Apple Pay payment by carefully going through the cancellation steps discussed above.

You can also request a refund to Apple Pay by following the already discussed steps. Contact Apple Customer Service to get answers to your more related queries.

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