How To Cancel Nutrisystem? Nutrisystem Cancellation Policy

Cancel Nutrisystem

So you tried using Nutrisystem services to get into your best shape, but did it work for you? Probably not, that’s why you are looking for ways to terminate your relationship with them. No worries, if you have made a decision already then we will help you cancel your Nutrisystem plan by providing you with the correct methods to do that. 

Nutrisystem can be considered a good option for those who are planning to initiate a weight-loss diet to keep themselves fit and healthy. They provide healthy meals for your weight-loss diet in the form of packaged foods that would aid your goal. Their calorie deficit meals and snacks might provide you with the effective result you never had. 

If you tried it but can’t really go with it then you can cancel your Nutrisystem plan or a meal order by contacting their Customer Support department and talking to an agent for the same. You can refer to the detailed steps below to cancel your Nutrisystem subscription or order easily. 

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How Do I Cancel Nutrisystem?

If you are finally done with Nutrisystem and are determined to terminate its services, you can cancel your Nutrisystem subscription plan by contacting customer service. 

1. Dial 1-800-585-5483 and you will be connected to the Customer Support team of Nutrisystem. 

2. To connect to an agent of their Support team, you will be required to press One and then hit the Six option on your phone. 

3. Tell the Nutrisystem agent that you want to cancel your membership. Provide them with all the required account or personal details that they might require to cancel your membership.

4. Also remember to ask them for a cancellation confirmation message. 

Cancel Nutrisystem Order

You can also cancel your auto-delivery or your meal delivery by contacting their Customer Support team at  1-800-585-5483. The auto-delivery could be canceled before 6 PM of the day prior to your order being processed. However, if you go a bit late after that time, then Nutrisystem might not be able to make any kind of changes to your order or even cancel it. 

At that moment, you do have the right to refuse your delivery and not accept it but then, you will be required to pay about $19.99 for the shipping charges of your delivery. 

What Happens After You Cancel Nutrisystem?  Nutrisystem Cancellation Policy

One must carefully go through the cancellation and commitment policies of Nutrisystem before joining them so that you are not surprised at the end. You must be aware of the 14-day money-back guarantee provided by Nutrisystem. Well, suppose you are able to cancel your Nutrisystem subscription within the first 14 days of purchasing it. In that case, you will be benefited from the 14-day money-back guarantee and will be refunded accordingly. But if you cancel your plan after 14 days time and haven’t even paid for the second consecutive 4-week order, you will be charged $125 as a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee is charged according to their policy. 

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Cancel Nutrisystem Subscription- FAQs

Can I Cancel My Nutrisystem Subscription Online Without Calling?

Whether it is about canceling your subscription or a meal order, you cannot cancel Nutrisystem online. The only way to cancel Nutrisystem is by dialing their Customer Support number and then talking to their agent about your decision. They will help you cancel Nutrisystem after you provide them with the correct details of it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Nutrisystem? Can You Cancel Nutrisystem After 2 Months?

You can cancel your Nutrisystem plan anytime you want but it is not about cancellation but the cancellation fee. If you cancel your subscription during the first 14 days then according to the 14-day money-back guarantee, you will be refunded. However, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $125 if you are late. Also, if you cancel before the completion of your 2 months plan and after the first 14-day period then you will be charged the cancellation fee. Canceling after that period might prevent you from the cancellation fee. 

Can You Cancel Nutrisystem Anytime?

If you want to cancel your Nutrisystem order and also wish to avoid the cancellation fee then first track down your order. If your Nutrisystem order is still not processed then talk to the Customer Support department before 6 PM and tell them that you want to cancel your order a day before. You will have to pay a cancellation fee if you are late. 

Wrap Up

There are several platforms that help people with their weight-management goals by providing meals that would enhance their preparations. Nutrisystem can be a good choice if you are looking for such platforms. However, not everything is loved by everyone. If you are not satisfied with the meal tastes or if you feel that these plans are not aiding your weight-loss goals then you can easily cancel the plan by following the steps we discussed above. You must also go through their cancellation policy to find out if you will be charged and how much. Also, contact the Customer Service department for your more related queries. 

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