How To Cancel EBT Card? These Ways Really Helped Me!

How To Cancel EBT Card?

If you are a United States resident searching for a better payment card, you must try EBT Card. Those who are already using this card must have knowledge about it. But, if you are going to use it for the first time, then you absolutely love its services otherwise you have the option to cancel EBT card also. 

What is an EBT card used for? EBT Card is the most unique card in California because it gives you Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT). EBT Card is used for delivery, redemption, and a comparison of the benefits for issued public assistance such as CalWORKs, CalFresh, and for other nutritional & financial benefits. If for any reason, you want to cancel your EBT Card, then here are some steps that you need to follow. 

You can be able to cancel your EBT Card by making a call to their customer service team or you can also use their email or mailing option to notify their team about your cancelation. 

How To Cancel EBT Card? All Possible Ways!!

Whether your card is lost or stolen or you want to cancel it due to any other reason, the only way for its cancellation is by getting in touch with their team either by calling, via email, or by sending a cancelation letter to their mailing address. It’s your choice. We will explain all these methods in detail. Let’s get started. 

Cancel EBT Card Via Calling

  1. The most preferred way that users opt for canceling their EBT Card services is by calling their customer service team and request them to cancel your card
  1. Dial the EBT customer service number (916) 651-8848 or you can call (877) 328- 9677 (if your card is lost or stolen)
  1. After some time, a team member will connect with you on a call. Tell them about your card cancelation along with the reason. 
  1. Provide them with your card details and your card will be closed immediately. 

Cancel EBT Card Via Email

  1. You can also contact their service team by sending them an email to their email address. 
  1. Compose an email in which you clearly mentioned that you want to cancel your EBT Card services
  1. Include your card details and the reason for your cancelation in your Email properly
  1. Send that composed email to [email protected] and if for Out-of-State inquiries, send the email to [email protected] 

Cancel EBT Card Via Mail

  1. You can also opt for the Mailing option to contact their service team and make your card cancelation possible
  1. In this method, you have to compose a written cancelation notice or letter and send that letter to the EBT service team Mailing address
  1. Don’t forget to add your card details and other necessary information to your letter 
  1. Send that composed letter to the EBT Mailing Address at the California Department of Social Services, 744 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
  1. As they get your written request, they will cancel the credit card and will inform you about it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Replace EBT Card Online?

There is no way to replace your EBT Card online. You only have to make a call at  (877) 328- 9677 to replace your EBT card. 

Can I Get A Replacement EBT Card The Same Day In California?

That’s difficult. You can get your replaced EBT Card within 5 days after you submit your request for the replacement card. 

How Do I Contact EBT Customer Service?

You can contact their department at any time by making a call at (916) 651-8848. Contact them via email at [email protected]. You can explore EBT Contact Page for more contact numbers. 


If you are already using EBT Card services for a long time and now want to switch it to some other card, then follow these effective methods to cancel your EBT Card with ease. After that, you can definitely go for the new one. You can also cancel Amex Card.

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