How To Cancel Amex Card or American Express Card? 3 Ways To Cancelation!!!

How To Cancel Amex Card?

If you are using American Express Credit Cards, but now want to cancel its services due to your own personal reason. The information available in this article will really be helpful for you. So, without wasting any time let’s move forward to get to know about cancel Amex Card. 

American Express is a multinational financial company in America which is specialized in providing the services of Amex Credit Cards with amazing Benefits & Rewards and providing you with the benefits of travel and insurance too.

If you are a member of Amex and using its card services, but now find a better alternative than Amex, then these are some methods which you gonna use to cancel your Amex Credit Card. 

The only way from which you can be able to cancel your Amex Credit Card service or account is by reaching out to their customer service team via calling and getting their help in canceling your card. 

Amex Cancellation Policy

You are allowed to cancel your Amex Card Contract or Account at any time with immediate cancelation effect. You will have to pay any outstanding balance from your account before canceling it. After canceling your Amex Account, you must permanently destroy your credit card.   

How Do You Cancel American Express Card By Phone?

  1. If you have made up your mind that you want to cancel your Amex Credit Card, then the best way to do so is by contacting their team and asking them to cancel your credit card. 
  1. You can call on the number written on the back side of your credit card, or call their customer service number at 0800 032 764. If you hold a British Airway Amex Card you can call on 0800 917 8020 or 1-336-393-1111.
  1. Get connected with their support team and request them to cancel your Amex Credit Card by providing them with all the details of your card
  1. Your credit card will be closed immediately by their team. Make sure you paid all of your balances left on your account. 

How To Cancel Amex Credit Card Online?

You can visit Amex Contact Page to contact their service team. You will get various contact options to get in contact with their team.

  • You can use the Amex App to do Live Chat with their service team for asking any query.

How To Cancel American Express Card Via Mail?

You can write a mail directly to Amex on their registered address that is 1 John Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN88 1NH and request them to cancel your card after clearing all your dues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why American Express Card Cancelled Without Notice?

Well!! This may be due to the reason, that your card is currently inactive and you are not using it. Keep in mind that, if you are not using your Amex Card for a long time, then the service team has the authority to cancel your card from their side. But, they won’t cancel your card before giving you a warning. 

Will Cancelling My American Express Card Hurt My Credit?

Yes, canceling your American Express Credit Card will definitely hurt your credit score in a negative way from which your credit utilization rate automatically increases. 

How To Cancel An American Express Account Online?

Well!! We are not sure about cancelation but you can manage your Amex Account online by logging into your account. The best way to cancel your account is by accessing their Live Chat option from Amex App or by contacting their customer service team via call. 

What To Do If Your Card is Stolen or Lost?

Dont worry, immediately call 0800 917 8047 and tell support executive to block your card withe immediate effect.


Put an end to your American Express Credit Card services by just making a simple call to their service team. Remember, that if you cancel your Amex Card Account without paying off your balance, then your account might be closed but you will still be responsible for paying your balance. 

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