How To Cancel DHA Vaccine Appointment?

Cancel DHA Vaccine Appointment

Have you booked a vaccine appointment with the DHA? Well, there might be some issues with your routine as you are here to find out the steps that you may use to cancel your DHA Vaccine appointment. No problem, we are here to inform you about the steps you can try to cancel your vaccine appointment. 

Almost all immunization programs are supported by the DHA Immunization Healthcare Division and you can look for and book a vaccine appointment with them easily from their online portal. 

If you don’t want to proceed with your vaccine appointment then you can cancel it by accessing the Vaccine Location’s Landing Page and then canceling the appointment from there. 

How To Cancel DHA Vaccine Appointment?

If you have already booked an appointment with DHA and plan on canceling it then it can be done by following these steps. 

1. For that, you must first open the DHA Appointing Portal and be ready with your information. 

2. Now from the available options they ask, select your State, your Installation, and also the Vaccine location that you used to book the appointment. 

3. This will now take you to your Vaccine Location Landing page. On the same page, you will see an option to cancel your previously booked appointment in the yellow banner. 

4. Hit the link option. On the next page, you will have to provide your First Name, your Last Name, your DoD ID number, and also your Date Of Birth. 

5. Click on the Submit Request button at the bottom page and your request to cancel the appointment would be submitted. 

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How To Book DHA Vaccine Appointment Again?

If you cancel your appointment for DHA Vaccine and need to book it again then following these steps may help. 

1. First open the DHA appointment portal and select your state, Installation, and Vaccine Location. 

2. This will open your Vaccine Location Landing Page. Click on the Next option to continue and select your appointment. 

3. Next, you will have to select your Appointment Type. You can choose your dose type there. Hit Next after that. 

4. It is now time to find the available appointments. There, you can select the Date and Day of your appointment. 

5. This will show you the appointment slots where the appointment timings which are no longer available are grayed. The darker appointment options are available so choose any of them. 

6. Enter your personal information and all the details they ask for and when you are done, hit the Submit Request button. 

You will now see an appointment confirmation message on the screen page and that will show your appointment date and time slot so now you have booked your appointment and this must be kept safe. 

How Can I Contact DHA For Help?

If you ever have some problem with your appointments or need some other significant information then you can contact the DHA for all your queries and they will provide the help accordingly.

You may dial their help number 1-877-GET-VACC (1-877-438-8222) and speak to the DHA representatives for help. 

Tell them about your concerns and if you have an appointment-related issue then they will go through your appointment details and will help with it as possible. 

Wrap Up

If you are unable to continue with your appointment for DHA Vaccine due to any reason then you can follow the steps that we have discussed in detail above to cancel your appointment. And if due for any reason you have to book an appointment again then we have provided the details for that too. 

So do go through the designated steps and if your problems persist then contacting DHA for help will be beneficial. 

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