3 Quick Ways To Cancel Vanity Fair Subscription

How To Cancel Vanity Fair Subscription?

If you are bored by reading the same kinds of topics from your Vanity Fair Magazine, then it’s time for you to cancel Vanity Fair Subscription and change your magazine taste.

Vanity Fair is a magazine in the United States. You will find current affairs, culture, and fashion content in these magazines. You can read out its content via its digital subscription service as well as a print subscription.

You can cancel your Vanity Fair Subscription by logging in to your Vanity Fair Account or by taking help from their customer support service team.

What is the possible method to cancel the Vanity Fair Subscription? This question along with other questions will be answered in this article.

Step 1 – How Can You Cancel Vanity Fair Subscription?

You can cancel your Vanity Fair Subscription by logging into your Account from Vanity Fair Website and looking for the instructions to cancel your subscription.

Just find the Cancel Subscription button within your Vanity Fair Account> Click on it> and cancel your subscription.

Step 2 – Cancel Vanity Fair Subscription Over The Phone?

The other method to send your subscription cancelation request to Vanity Fair Team is by contacting their team by making a call on their customer care number at 800-365-0635.

Ask their team member to cancel the subscription by giving them your subscription details. They will then verify your identity, and after that, they will cancel your Vanity Fair Subscription.

Step 3 – Terminate Your Vanity Fair Subscription Via Email?

The process to cancel your Vanity Fair Subscription via Email is quite simple and straightforward. Follow these steps for cancelation via Email. 

  • Compose an email in which you have to clearly mention that you want to cancel the Vanity Fair Subscription.
  • Include all subscription details and your contact details in the body of the email.
  • When you are done, send that composed email to Vanity Fair Email Address at [email protected].
  • Their team will then give reply to your email soon and will surely help you in canceling the subscription.
  • When your subscription is canceled, the Print magazine subscription cancelation will quickly take effect and you will stop receiving deliveries of your print magazines.
  • For Digital Access, you can use your Subscription service until your current subscription period expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Temporarily Suspend My Vanity Fair Subscription?

Yes, you can stop or pause your Vanity Fair Subscription at any time for up to one month. Get in contact with their customer service team and submit your request to pause your subscription.

How To Contact Vanity Fair Customer Service?

If you need any help from their team, then the Vanity Fair customer service team is always there for your help. You can make the call on their number at 800-365-0635 or Vanity Fair customer service email at [email protected]

How Much Does Vanity Fair Subscription?

New customers will get the Vanity Fair Subscription at the cost of $15 in which you will get Print+digital access to magazines. After one year, your subscription plan will automatically renew for $29.99

What Are The Best Alternatives To Vanity Fair?

After canceling your Vanity Fair Subscription, you can try the magazine subscription service of Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, and Homes and Gardens.


We hope that you are fully satisfied with the methods that we discussed above in this article for canceling Vanity Fair Subscription. You can cancel with any of these methods. If you are facing trouble canceling online, then contacting the customer service team is the best method for you.

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