How To Cancel Skiplagged Flight? I Canceled With These Ways

How To Cancel Skiplagged Flight?

It seems that suddenly due to some other plan, you will not be able to complete your Skiplagged flight journey. Then, now what? Is it okay with you to go your ticket money waste? Let’s try these methods to cancel Skiplagged Flight and try to get back your refund. 

If you frequently keep traveling on flights, due to any business work or just for a vacation, then spending a lot of money on flight tickets would be a concern to you. But not anymore, with Skiplagged. Skiplagged is an online travel website that focuses mainly to find the best rates for your flight and hotel bookings. 

You can cancel your Skiplagged Flight booking by contacting the airline on the phone number, where you have booked your flight or you will be able to cancel the booking within the Skiplagged Website (under special case). 

How To Cancel Skiplagged Flight?

How To Cancel Skiplagged Flight- How To Cancel Skiplagged Flight?

If you want to cancel your Skiplagged Flight, then you need to check your confirmation email which you would get when you booked a flight. In that email, you will get the contact information of the airline from where you booked the flight. 

Cancel The Flight Directly Booked With The Airline

If you booked directly with the airline, you will see an airline link to cancel or manage your booking and you will get their phone numbers to call that airline team and tell them to cancel your flight booking. 

Following is the list of airlines with their contact numbers, if you have booked your flight from any of the airlines, then call the airlines on their provided number and cancel your flight. 

  • Spirit: 1-855-728-3555
  • Frontier: 1-801-401-9000
  • Volaris: 1-855-865-2747
  • Viva Aerobus: 1-866-359-8482
  • Vueling: 011-34931-518-158 

You will get a confirmation email when your flight is canceled. 

Cancel Flight Booked Via Booking Partner On Skiplagged Website

How To Cancel Skiplagged Flight- Cancel Flight Booked Via Booking Partner On Skiplagged Website

If you booked your flight directly from Skiplagged Website from their booking partner, then you have 2 options to cancel your order. 

  • If you are within 24 hours of purchasing your flight ticket, then you will see a red “Cancel Booking” button. Click on that button and cancel your flight booking. You will get a confirmation email of your cancelation. 
  • If your 24-hour window is closed, then you will not see a “Cancel Booking” button. In that case, you can contact us at the phone number which is listed on your confirmation email and tell the team to cancel your flight. (when you booked a flight). 

How To Cancel Skiplagged Hotel Reservation?

When you booked a hotel through Skiplagged, then most of the hotel bookings on Skiplagged are non-refundable (according to the hotel’s cancellation policy). In that case, if you want to cancel your hotel reservation, then you can only cancel in that case, if you get an exception from that hotel. 

Cancel Non-Refundable Hotel Booking

Follow these steps to get the exception help from the hotel to cancel your hotel reservation. 

  • Make a call to the hotel directly and request them to go against their cancelation policy and accept their request to cancel the hotel reservation. 
  • In the event that the hotel agrees, make sure to have the exemption entered into their database and include the name of the hotel representative you spoke with.
  • Send an email to Skiplagged with your Trip # and the date of stay in the subject line
  • Skiplagged will then discuss your issue with the hotel and issue your refund if the hotel agrees to return your money. 
  • You will receive a refund if your hotel decides to close down while you are there.

Cancel Refundable Hotel Booking

If you booked a refundable hotel, on your confirmation page, you will see a blue link to “Cancel Reservation”. Click on that link and successfully canceled your hotel reservation. 

Make sure to check out your cancellation policy before canceling the reservation. After cancelation, an email will be received to you to confirm your cancelation and to notify you that your refund will be sent to you soon. 

How To Cancel Skiplagged Flight & Hotel Booking Via Contact Form?

You can also cancel your Skiplagged flight or hotel booking to contact the Skiplagged team. To contact their team, you can Submit a Request to their team and they will contact you after that. 

You have to start filling out your form with your Email Address, Your Booking confirmation code (found in your email), Date of your flight or hotel to stay. After typing your Subject, Description, and Attachments, hit the Submit button and your contact form will be submitted to their team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Receive A Refund For Canceled Flight?

According to the Skiplagged Refund Policy, as you cancel your flight, you will receive a confirmation email from their team that your issue will be refunded soon. 

If you are not sure about your refund confirmation, you can email the Skiplagged team at [email protected] with your confirmation number or code received in your email. 

How To Cancel Skiplagged Trip Protection?

You can cancel your Trip Protection policy, by going to the online policy management tool or you can download the free TravelSmart app from Apple or Google Play Store. 

How To Contact Skiplagged Customer Service?

You can contact the Skiplagged support team by Submitting a Request form to their form with your issue. You can email their team at [email protected] 


Skiplagged is the smart way to find cheap flights. If you are planning a vacation or a long journey, don’t forget to check the flight prices on Skiplagged. Don’t worry!! If you want to cancel your flight booking after purchasing it, just follow the methods outlined above. You can also cancel your EasyJet Flight.

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