How To Cancel Curology Shipment?

Cancel Curology Shipment

Your health requires great care and so does your skin. Curology works well in that area. This skincare company provides you with numerous treatment products to improve your natural skin. It is easy to get these amazing products and it’s even easier to cancel the shipment. 

Curology is a skincare company that creates customized products that do wonders on your skin. The company has solutions for your various skin problems and sells products that would surely suit your sensitive skin. You can carefully choose and order your products or cancel or skip the shipment whenever you like. 

To cancel your Curology Shipment, you can contact the Customer Service of Curology or just cancel your Curology Subscription. You can also skip a month from your subscription plan or cancel a Curology order by following simple steps. 

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What Is Curology? Why Should You Use It?

If your DIY skincare routine is not that effective and its usage lacks results then it’s actually time to switch. Curology is a skincare company that helps you in creating your own skincare plan. These products help you treat your body or face acne and other skin problems. The company works closely with dermatologists to create products that would work well on your skin and show improved results. 

Curology products include Cleansers, Moisturizers, with their own Personalised Curology Formula. You can also get Acne Body Wash and Spot patches specially created by considering the customer’s acne-prone skin and others skin breakouts. You also get access to various skin experts with who you can share your skin problems and tell about your skin history. They can advise you on the best products that will go well with your skin without destroying it further. 

Curology Free Trial And Subscription Plans

Curology provides its new customers with a free trial to test their products before getting a subscription. However, they will still be required to pay for the product shipment. This free trial is for 30 days and after answering some questions related to your skin disease you will come to know about the products you require for them. To get the free trial, just visit the website and click on Unlock Your Free Offer button. Provide the information they require and answer the questions and simply unlock the trial. During the trial month, your shipping price will only be $4.95. However, this will increase when the trial is over. 

When your Curology Free Trial is over, the shipping price will start from $19.95. You can choose to get your Shipment delivered once a month or every two months. If you go for smaller bottled products then the price can be $19.95 per month plus shipping charges and if you choose to get a large bottle then you will be required to pay $39.90 for 2 months and no shipping costs. These prices are for customized formulas and you can always add other products to your shipment. 

Can I Cancel My Curology Shipment?

Yes, you can cancel your Curology Shipment and subscription when you no longer require these products. But you cannot cancel an already purchased shipment as the company sends orders to their laboratory and customize your products accordingly, when they start working on the formula, they won’t cancel your shipment. However, you can always cancel your next shipment. 

 You can cancel your Curology shipment order by contacting customer service or sending them an email for the same. Canceling your Curology Subscription will also cancel your shipment. The customers can contact the team at [email protected] or talk to a representative at the given contact number (844) 861-7546. 

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How Can I Cancel Curology Shipment? Cancel Your Curology Subscription

If your shipment is already processed with product billing and is about to be formulated then you cannot cancel your shipment. You can, however, cancel your next shipment before the next product delivery date. To cancel your shipment, you can contact customer support at (844) 861-7546 or contact [email protected]

You can also cancel your shipment by canceling your Curology subscription. For that, you will have to:

1. Through your default web browser, go to the official website of Curology

2. Add your username and password and log in to your account. 

3. Go to the Profile icon on the page and select the Payments option. 

4. Scroll the page till you find the I want to Cancel button and click on it. 

5. Answer the set of questions and provide the reason for your subscription cancellation.  

6. Confirm the process and this will cancel your Curology subscription. 

Can I Skip A Curology Shipment? 

Yes, if the customers do not wish to get their Curology Shipment at the time or want to postpone it or pause it then they can Skip a month. It is easy to skip a Curology Shipment but that must be immediately after you order it. Canceling or Skipping a day or two before the product delivery date might not work. You can also use skip a month to pause and postpone your next delivery date. 

To Skip a Curology Shipment, the customers can:

1. Go to Curology official and log in to your account. 

2. On the left side of the page, search for the Manage Subscriptions option.

3. Click on Manage Subscriptions and then hit on Skip This Month

   This will skip your next shipment to the date you choose. 

Can You Cancel Curology After Free Trial?

Yes, you can always cancel Curology after a free trial, however, to prevent paying for the subscription, try to cancel Curology before the free trial ends. Curology automatically renews your subscription once the free trial is over so if you don’t want to pay for the subscription, it’s better to cancel before the trial ends. 

The free trial cancellation and subscription cancellation steps are similar. You can:

1. Log in to your Curology account by visiting the official website. 

2. Click on the Profile icon and choose the Payments option from the list. 

3. Click on the I Want To Cancel Button on the screen page. 

4. Follow the steps and confirm your cancellation

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Cancel Curology Shipment- FAQs

Does Curology Automatically Renew After Free Trial?

Yes, Curology does automatically renew after a free trial. As soon as your trial ends, your products will be shipped monthly or every two months as per your choice. If you don’t want the subscription, you can cancel your free trial before it ends. 

Can I Get A Refund From Curology?

You can only get a complete refund for the first 90 days’ supply of the subscription plan you chose. This selected time includes a month’s free trial and 2 months’ product supply. You can request a refund by contacting [email protected] and canceling your subscription before the 90th day of your subscription plan. 

Can You Cancel Curology After It Ships?

No, you cannot cancel Curology after the product is under processing or if you have already purchased it and it’s about to deliver. You can cancel the next Curology shipment by contacting customer support or by canceling your subscription. 

How Many Days Does Curology Take To Ship?

It takes Curology about 1 to 3 business days to ship your products. You will continuously get your products on a monthly basis. You can start with a free trial and choose to keep or cancel your subscription after that. 

How Do I Change My Shipping On Curology?

To change or alter your shipping date, you can go to the Shipments Page on the website as you log in. Here, you can view your shipment dates or change them accordingly. You can also adjust the frequency of your shipment by going to Manage Subscriptions.

Wrap Up

Curology formulates the best skincare products for its customers by keeping in mind, your skin type. You can always change or skip your shipment dates as your wish or cancel the shipment or subscription by following the steps discussed earlier. If you haven’t yet tried the products, you can always start with a free trial. 

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