How To Cancel Yitty Membership?

Cancel Yitty Membership

Whether it is to embrace your body type or because you are a huge Lizzo fan, you might have heard of Yitty and even got your favorite items that would suit you perfectly. The membership of Yitty is even beneficial but if you wish to cancel it, you can do that in easy steps. 

Yitty is a shapewear brand that is co-created by the Grammy winner and a strong artist Lizzo and the brand was created by surely keeping all body types in mind. This is a revolutionary brand where instead of being shy about your body type and size, you embrace it and buy shapewear according to them in a fun way. The Yitty membership provides a great number of benefits during shopping there. 

If you don’t want to continue with your Yitty membership then you can cancel it anytime and easily by contacting a Yitty representative by calling them at the contact they provided, through a live chat with a representative, or by going to your account page for the same

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What Is Yitty? 

Well, It’s About Damn Time that someone thought of creating a shapewear brand that sells items that go with every body type out there. Yitty is a Fabletics brand that was co-created by the popular artist Lizzo who is actually known to beautifully show off the plus size and encourage others to embrace it. The item sizes range from XS to 6X and this shows how they kept all the body types in mind for that. These smooth and light shapewear make you look even better and flaunt that amazing style that suits you perfectly. 

What Is Yitty Membership? Benefits Of Yiity VIP Membership

If you are in love with the styles offered by Yitty then you would also enjoy the Yitty membership for a better shopping experience and of course many offers and discounts. If you get a Yitty VIP Membership on the platform, you can receive several benefits like:

>Monthly Member Credits that provide even more savings that can be redeemed in the store or online. 

>You can also skip months if you don’t feel like purchasing that time and won’t be charged for that.

>All the amazing shapewear options will be presented to a member at a discount of 20% to sometimes even 50%. 

>With this membership, if you place an order above $49.95 then you won’t have to pay for shipping charges. 

>You are also eligible for free returns and exchanges within 45 days time.

>As it is a Fabletics brand, just one VIP membership will allow you to buy items from both brands. 

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How Much Does A Yitty Membership Cost?

If you get a Yitty membership, you will be charged monthly with a price of $59.95 to get all those exclusive benefits available to a VIP member. You can unlock many discounts and savings and also Member Credits for your future purchase. This membership also comes with a benefit to Skip a month that won’t be charged for. 

The members can skip as many months when they don’t feel the need to buy the items and they won’t be charged during that month. However, you must make sure that you go for the skip-a-month option before the 6th of the month. You can easily skip a month within 1-5 of that particular month as they charge you a $59.95 monthly membership on the 6th of the month. 

How Can I Cancel Yitty- Fabletics Membership?

You can easily cancel your Yitty account or Yitty VIP Membership by contacting Customer support or through online methods by visiting your Account page. 

Cancel VIP Membership Through Customer Service

You can easily cancel your Yitty membership by contacting Customer Service and requesting them to cancel your VIP membership for the same. You can get in touch with a representative of Customer service by calling them at (844) 449-4889. This helpline number is available for all members 24/7. You can talk to their representative and you might be asked a reason for cancellation. Tell them your situation and they will help you. 

Cancel VIP Membership Through Email

The VIP Members can also discontinue their membership by contacting team Yitty through electronic mail and SMS messaging. You can send an email to Yitty Customer Service and tell them about your decision to cancel your VIP Membership. Provide the required details and they will help you with that. 

Cancel Yitty-Fabletics VIP Membership Online Through Account Page

>Go to the official website of Yitty and provide your credentials to sign in to your account.

>You can also sign in through Facebook if you no longer remember your login details.

>Click on your Profile at the top right of the page. 

>There, you will be provided with an option to cancel or terminate your membership, click on it and you will be able to cancel it. 

You might be required to provide the reason for ending your membership

Cancel Yitty- Fabletics Membership Via Live Chat

Yitty provides members with a unique way to cancel their membership. 

>Go to the official website of Yitty.

>Choose Help and Contact from the screen page. 

>Search for the Contact Us option on the screen and click on it. 

>Select Live Chat from the options available. 

>Provide them with details of the information they require

>Click on Start Chat and ask the representative to cancel your account. 

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How Can I Unsubscribe From Yitty Emails? Can You Stop Company SMS And Messaging?

If you wish to Unsubscribe from emails, all you are required to do is:

> Go to Yitty official and sign in to your account by providing details.

>Navigate to your user profile on the website page. 

>Under the Profile tab, you will see numerous options, there you can manage your communication preferences and choose to unsubscribe from their emails. 

Also when you add an account on Yitty, you automatically agree to their SMS Messaging feature where they can tell you about their recent deals and more. If those continuous SMS irritate you and you no longer wish to see them then you can also stop those company messages. However, these automated marketing text messages are not compulsory to see. 

If you want to stop getting those Yitty messages and SMS, then you can:

>Go through the contact with which they send you those automated messages. 

>You can reply to the contact by sending HELP if you need help from them or STOP if you wish to cancel or stop getting these messages in the future. This will make them change their messaging frequency. 

Cancel Your Yitty Membership- FAQs

Can You Buy Yitty Without A Subscription?

Yes, you can buy Yitty items without a subscription. Yitty is an online shopping place and a Fabletics brand. You can, of course, buy them without getting a Yitty membership but if you wish to get all those membership perks and huge discounts then you must get a subscription. 

Can You Skip A Month On Yitty? How Is It Done?

Yes, Yitty provides you with a benefit to Skip a month if you don’t want to buy during that time. Members are charged their monthly membership price every 6th of the month. If you wish to Skip a Month, you must do that before the 6th of that particular month which is between the 1st and 5th. By doing this, you won’t be charged for the month but you might have to pay the price if you go any late after the 5th. 

Wrap Up

This initiative to create a brand for all is appreciable and must be used by everyone. If you love the items on Yitty, you can of course get the VIP Membership to get more perks. However, if you want to cancel them, just follow the methods discussed above and end your membership easily. 

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