How To Cancel Manscaped Subscription?

Cancel Manscaped Subscription

One of the best platforms to get all the male grooming products is Manscaped. The membership plans can provide you with great benefits and offers. But if you no longer require their subscription plan, you can cancel it anytime with a few easy steps. 

Manscaped rubbished all male hygiene taboos with their creation of a platform that provides their customers with grooming products with specifications for pubic regions. It provides several grooming products like trimmers and toners for complete cleaning of your body and specified regions. 

If you no longer want to use your Manscaped membership then you can cancel your Manscaped Subscription anytime through the official website of Manscape or by sending an email regarding the same to [email protected]. 

What Is Manscaped? The Peak Hygiene Plan 

Manscaped provides male grooming products to simplify body hair removal and cleaning. These trimmers help you to trim the hair of various regions without unintentionally hurting any body part. These are easy to use and you can use these painless hair removals as your routine grooming products. They also produce various products like men’s colognes, toners for pubic areas, deodorants, and body washes. 

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Manscaped has a Peak Hygiene Plan for its customers where they can get every 3 months delivery of fresh blades and refills for their products. The subscription plan also provides with Platinum Warranty where the team covers your Weed Whacker or Lawn Mower if the products face any problems in the future. You will also get discounted prices for their products. The shipment in this plan is only for $18.99 and you can get refill products or even new ones with the same shipping price. 

What Is Manscaped Subscription Cost?

Manscaped is an online store that sells male grooming products that can be easily bought. You can get the Manscaped Subscription by purchasing the Peak Hygiene Plan which would deliver products to your door every three months. There isn’t any monthly membership or subscription cost for the same, you will only be charged the shipping starting at $18.99. You can choose the products and even purchase the refills for your products with the same shipping cost. 

The Manscaped subscription also provides a VIP Pricing feature where you can add more products to your box and that would be charged at the lowest prices with many other offers

How Can I Cancel Manscaped Subscription? Cancel Subscription Online Or Without Account

You can cancel your Manscaped Subscription anytime you wish to through their official website or by sending them an email to cancel your subscription. 

Cancel Manscaped Subscription Through Website

>Go to the official website of Manscaped at 

>You will be required to log in to your Manscaped account by providing your username and password. 

>Look for the Account Menu on the page 

>Click on Manage Plan from the various options available. 

>Scroll down the page till you find the Cancel Plan option. 

>Click on Cancel Plan and follow the other instructions they provide. 

Cancel Manscaped Subscription Via Email

If you are unable to cancel your Manscaped subscription via email or no longer remember your account details then you can cancel your subscription by sending them an email. 

>Go to the default email app you use on your device. 

>Compose an email and at the recipient tab, add [email protected]

>You can select Request to cancel my Manscaped Subscription as the Subject of your email. 

>In the email, provide the reason for your cancellation and other important details related to your account that they might require to cancel your subscription. 

>Click on Send when you are done. 

By following these two methods, you will be able to cancel your Manscaped subscription anytime you want.

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Cancel Manscaped Subscription- FAQs

Why Is Manscaped Charging Me Monthly?

If you think that Manscaped is charging you monthly then you may have signed up for Manscaped’s Peak Hygiene Plan. This plan ships the customers with their required products every 3 months to keep their stock filled. Do check if you have selected the membership and cancel it if you don’t want it. 

How Do I Stop Automatic Payment On Manscaped?

Your automatic payment on Manscaped can be a result of your selection of the Peak Hygiene plan that charges every three months for those continuous quarterly deliveries. You can stop this automatic payment by canceling your Manscaped subscription by sending an email to [email protected] or by canceling through the website mentioned above. 

Is Manscaped A Monthly Subscription?

Manscaped’s Peak Hygiene plan provides doorstep deliveries of your favorite grooming products every three months. You do not need to worry about purchasing the products every time, with this subscription plan, you can get the products quarterly and it also provides many other offers and benefits. 

Wrap Up

You can select the grooming products you require from a wide range of options available on Manscaped. You will also get various perks and benefits by getting the Manscaped subscription. However, if you don’t need it anymore, you can cancel the subscription too. Do go through the steps discussed above to cancel your Manscaped subscription. 

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