How To Cancel CIBC Credit Card?

Cancel CIBC Credit Card

There is no doubt that CIBC Credit Card provides you with the best services and benefits. But, suddenly, you change your mind and want to shift to another credit card provider by canceling the CIBC Credit Card. 

CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce) is a Canadian company that offers financial and banking services. It provides Credit Cards in different categories- Travel, Cashback, Costco, No Annual fee, Low Interest, Student, and Business. 

You can cancel your CIBC Credit Card by directly getting in contact with the CIBC Customer Service Team either by sending an Email or a direct call. 

How To Cancel CIBC Credit Card?

There are many such scenarios in which you have to cancel your Credit Card. Whether you want a new Credit Card as you misplaced your previous one or maybe you don’t want to continue with this Credit Card anymore. 

Whatever the reason is, here are some of the best methods that you can use to cancel the CIBC Credit Card. 

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Cancel CIBC Credit Card Over The Phone

The best method to cancel your Credit Card is by making a call to the CIBC Customer Service team connecting with one of their team representative and asking them to cancel your Credit Card by providing any reason. 

You can call their Client Support Center at 877-448-6500 and their team is ready to help you in canceling the Credit Card. 

If you are canceling your Credit Card, due to some fraudulent activity, then you need to Contact CIBC Credit Fraud Number at 1-800-465-4653 and tell them about the suspicious behavior of your Credit Card Account. Their team will then find a solution for you. 

Cancel CIBC Credit Card Via Email

If by any chance, you are not able to get connected with the CIBC Team over a phone call, then you can also send an Email to their team at [email protected] 

Your cancelation Request will be accepted by their team via Email and they will send you further instructions or guidance for canceling the Credit Card by Email. 

Remember, that on CIBC Contact Page, you will also get a “Ask a Question” from which you will get connected with their team on a Live Chat. The CIBC Live Chat feature is not useful for canceling the Credit Card. 

How To Cancel A Lost Or Stolen CIBC Credit Card?

If your CIBC Credit Card is lost and stolen, then you need to submit a lost complaint to the CIBC team by calling this number 800-236-2442.

They will then cancel your lost stolen card and will provide you with a new replacement card. 

You can also report a stolen card from your CIBC Online or Mobile Banking. Go to Manage My Credit Card and follow the steps to submit your report and request for a replacement card. 

How To Lock And Unlock Your CIBC Credit Card?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have misplaced your CIBC Credit Card? Obviously, that will be a short panic moment for everyone, as Credit Cards are one of the most sensitive things. 

Most people, in that case, can cancel their Credit Card. But, instead of canceling, you can temporarily lock your CIBC card and unlock it again, as soon as you find it. 

CIBC Lock & Unlock feature can instantly lock any Credit Card in just a few clicks so that you will get the time to find your card without panicking. 

Here’s how you can Lock your CIBC Credit Card- 

  1. Login to the CIBC Mobile or Online Banking Account
  2. Select your Credit Card Details
  3. Select Lock My Card and confirm your choice by tapping the Lock on the confirmation screen
  4. Now your Credit Card is locked temporarily and is secure
  5. When you find your card, go to the My Account Page
  6. Click on the Unlock option and your card will be unlocked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cancel Your CIBC Credit Card Online?

No, you are not allowed to cancel your CIBC Credit Card online due to some security reasons. 

How Long Will It Take To Get My Replacement Card?

From your Mobile Wallet, you will get your replacement card within some minutes. But, it will take up to 4-5 days to get the replacement card via Mail. 

How To Contact CIBC Credit Card Customer Service?

You can contact the CIBC Credit Card customer service team at 877-448-6500 or 1-800-465-4653. Send an Email to [email protected] 
A Live Chat feature on their Contact Us Page can also be used for asking general queries to their team. Tap on the “Ask a Question” option and a Live Chat menu will appear on the screen. 


That’s the required information that you need to know for canceling your CIBC Credit Card. Remember, that the calling method is the most effective method to cancel CIBC Credit Card. 

Hope you read the entire article and made your choice by choosing the method according to your situation. You can also cancel your OCBC Credit Card. 

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