How To Cancel Coursera Subscription? 100% Working Steps !!

How To Cancel Coursera Subscription?

You can get many free certifications from Coursera, but if you have bought a subscription to Coursera and want to cancel it, then you can cancel Coursera with the steps mentioned in this article. 

You can get online courses and certifications on different streams on the Coursera Platform. Their certificates are valid and enhance your resume. 

You can cancel your Coursera Subscription by logging in to your Coursera Account and canceling the subscription from the Manage Subscriptions page. 

Read the entire article for better clarity and understanding. 

Coursera Subscription Price

How To Cancel Coursera Subscription- Coursera Subscription Price
  • You can start using Coursera Subscription free for 7 days. When your trial period ends, you can take Coursera Plus Monthly Subscription at $59 per month

  • Coursera Plus Annual Subscription at $399 per year in which you can get the 14-day money-back guarantee. 

  • In Coursera Plus Subscription, you can access almost 90% of their learning programs courses and you can enroll in as many courses as you want in a single subscription. 

  • Specialization Subscriptions: You will get subscriptions in various specializations. In these subscriptions, you can pay a small amount of fee every month till the course is completed.

  • Purchase A Single Course: In this, you have to pay for a single course and get a certificate for that one course. 

  • Incomplete Subscriptions: You can access all of the courses available on Coursera for a Specialisation by subscribing to them.

How To Cancel Coursera Plus Subscription?

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Coursera Subscription. 

  1. Go to Coursera Website and log in to your Account

  1. From the top right corner of the screen, open your Account Menu and Select “My Purchases”

  1. On Coursera My Purchases page, Tap on Manage Subscriptions

  1. Select the Subscription and then click on Cancel subscription 

Even after the subscription is canceled, you can access your paid courses till the billing period ends from the Coursera Plus Catalog. 

Once the billing period ends, all the paid courses from Coursera Plus will be disappeared from your Course Page. 

If any of your course or work remains incomplete, then it reappears when you subscribe again to specialization. 

How To Cancel A Specialization Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your Coursera Specialization Subscription from your computer.

  1. From your desktop, go to Coursera Website first and then log in to your account

  1. Go to your “My Purchases” page

  1. Select the Manage Subscriptions tab

  1. For cancelation, tap the Cancel button next to your subscription

Steps to cancel Specialization subscription from your mobile. 

  1. Open your Coursera App on your mobile

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the top right corner

  1. Go to My Subscriptions

  1. Click Manage Subscription next to your subscription

  1. Then, click on Cancel Subscription

When you cancel your Specialization Subscription, you will no longer be able to access any paid course material under specialization.

If any of your course or work remains incomplete, then it reappears when you subscribe again to specialization. 

How To Cancel A Coursera Free Trial?

Courses provide you with a 7-day free trial. Follow these steps to cancel your Free Trial, so that you won’t be charged for its subscription when your trial ends. 

  1. Go to your Coursera Account and go to My Purchases page

  1. Select the Manage Subscriptions tab

  1. Tap on Would you like to cancel? Next to your free trial

  1. Then, click on Cancel Subscription 

You can access your course materials for 7 days, even after you cancel the free trial before 7 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pause A Coursera Subscription?

To Pause your Coursera subscription, you need to cancel it, and then restart your subscription. Your work will be saved on your account.
But you’ll have to reset your deadlines again for your paid courses. 

Can You Get A Refund From Coursera?

If you subscribed to Coursera Plus Subscription, then you can request a refund within 14 days of starting your subscription. 

After 14 days (two weeks), you won’t get any refund for past payments, but your future payments will be stopped after the cancelation of your subscription. 

How To Contact Coursera Customer Service?

To contact their team by submitting your request under various categories, you can go to Coursera Contact Page. 


Coursera courses and certifications are valid and many students can access their courses to maintain and add some extra certifications to their resume. 

If your certification is complete and you no longer want your Coursera Subscription, follow these steps and cancel the subscription. You can also cancel the Course Hero Subscription.

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