How To Cancel Amex Gold Card? Did You Follow These Steps?

cancel amex gold card

If you are earning rewards with the Amex Gold Card then you can continue it for good but if you aren’t receiving many benefits from the card then you must cancel your Amex Gold Card by following the steps we are to discuss here. 

The American Express Gold Card can help you with rewards and points on your purchases. The various dining rewards you get with Amex Gold Card can work at many locations. However, the Annual fee that you had to pay may worry some of the users. 

To cancel your Amex Gold Card, you can either contact the Support team for help via phone call or cancel the card online using their chat feature. A branch location visit or mail to the office can also help with cancelation. 

How To Cancel Amex Gold Card?

American Express offers different ways that members can try to cancel their Amex Gold Card. 

Cancel Amex Gold Card Online

1. An easy way to cancel your Amex Gold card is by submitting your cancelation request online. 

2. Log in to your Amex account and get in touch with a Customer Support representative by hitting the Chat icon. 

3. You may find this icon at the bottom right of the page and when you click it, you will be connected to a representative. 

4. Write down your Amex Gold Card cancelation request and provide your card details and other needed information. 

5. They will help you soon as they receive your request. 

Cancel Amex Gold Card Via Mail

1. Members may also pay a visit to the branch location or just send a mail to the office to request their card cancelation. 

2. Write down a request to cancel your Amex Gold Card and also provide your card details, account details, and other information. 

3. After you have written your request, you can mail it to their official address 

American Express

P.O. Box 981535

El Paso, TX 79998-1535

4. As it is a written request so it may take them some time to process it and you will be notified as soon as they complete your request. 

Cancel Amex Gold Card Via Phone Call

1. Submitting your cancelation request via phone call is another common way to cancel a credit card. 

2. You can dial the Amex Gold Card Customer Service number (800) 528-4800 and get connected to one of their representatives. 

3. Inform them of your request to cancel your Amex Gold Card and they may ask you for a reason for cancelation so do provide one.

4. Give your card details and personal information they ask for and as you follow the steps prompted, canceling your Amex Gold Card would be easy. 

Cancel Amex Gold Card- FAQs

Does Closing Amex Gold Card Hurt Credit?

Closing your Amex Gold Card may hurt your credit as it affects your credit utilization and length of credit history. However, clearing all outstanding amounts in your card bill and canceling with Customer Support may lessen the effect. 

Can I Cancel Amex Gold Before Annual Fee?

Yes, you can cancel Amex Gold before the annual fee. And if you cancel Amex Gold within 30 days of getting the billing statement then you will also be provided with a refund. They will refund your Annual fee and you can contact the Amex Gold Customer Support for that. 

How Can I Contact American Express Customer Service?

There are various contact numbers that you can dial to contact the Amex Customer Support department according to your requirements. To get access to those Contact Details, you may go to the American Express Contact Us page and get all the desired information. 

Wrap Up

Amex Gold Card can give you rewards for shopping but if you are not using the card much then you might not want to pay the annual fee for nothing. You can easily cancel your Amex Gold Card if you don’t want to continue using it by going through the steps discussed above. 

If you still have some queries then you can contact Amex Customer Support and connect to a representative accordingly.

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