How To Cancel Cleo? 4 Steps To Ensure Cancelation!

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Keeping a record of your finances and tracking your spending is significant and Cleo provides help with that. But if you used the services already and have no plans to continue with them then you can proceed with service cancelation and we will show you how. 

Cleo is an AI friend that can help in keeping track of your spending and save money. Cleo offers its guidance to maintain your budget and if you ever need some cash advance, you may even get the help here. You will also be informed of your credit score by Cleo.

There is an easy way to cancel Cleo for good and you can do so in the application where you tell Cleo to cancel the service. You may tell the same in a conversation with Cleo and it will help you accordingly with your requirements. 

How To Cancel Cleo?

Cancellation of Cleo services is possible and it can be achieved online from the Cleo app itself. 

1. You will be able to cancel Cleo by having a conversation with her in the app. 

2. Cleo may ask you some related questions before so do complete the conversation without interruption or you may not be able to reach the cancellation step. 

3. As you answer all the questions asked by Cleo, you will proceed further and see an option that says Unsubscribe. 

4. Hit the Unsubscribe button and you will soon receive an email from Cleo, confirming that your cancellation is now completed. But do realize that if you have an advance, you will have to repay it. 

Will I Get A Refund From Cleo?

Yes, you may get a refund from Cleo. If you make your cancellation request to Cleo and cancel Cleo Plus within the initial 7 days of signing up for the service and have not requested a cash advance then you will be refunded your complete subscription payment. 

The amount would be refunded to the card that you used to make your payments while signing in and it may take up to 4 business days to process the refund request and see the amount in your account. 

But if you have already made a request to get a physical card then you won’t be refunded the subscription amount. 

Cancel Cleo- FAQs

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Cleo Back?

If you are unable to pay Cleo back or your payment has failed after a month then it can lead to the lapse of your subscription and you will be required to sign up again to Cleo. Just say Cleo Plus to Cleo and you will be helped with it accordingly. 

How To Remove Bank Account From Cleo?

If you wish to remove or change your bank account that has been attached to Cleo then you will have to navigate to the Save tab. 

There, you will find the Settings option, select it. You can now change or remove your card and if you want to add a new card, connect it to your Cleo account first. 

How Can I Contact Cleo Customer Support?

For any of your queries related to the services provided by Cleo, you can contact them by visiting the Cleo Help Center page. 

There, you can get answers to all your questions. You may also contact Cleo via Chat by hitting the Chat icon at the bottom right of the page. 

Wrap Up

Cleo may help you with savings and maintaining your budget but if the services it provides are not up to the mark or you don’t need them anymore then you can easily cancel it by following the cancellation details discussed above. You can also contact the Cleo Support team for help. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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