How To Cancel CBD Current Account?

cancel CBD current account

Do you have an active current account in CBD that you do not require anymore? Well, there can be any reason for you to not continue with your current account. And if you are looking for ways to cancel your account then we will show you how it can be done well. 

You may open up your account in the Commercial Bank of Dubai like any other bank and any kind of account you want. A bank representative will help you out and if you are eligible as per their guidelines and possess the required documents then it would only take a few moments. 

You must realize that canceling a current account in a bank is a similar procedure for all and to cancel a CBD current account, you need to visit a Commercial Bank of Dubai branch. You can request the representatives there and they will help you with it. 

How To Cancel CBD Current Account?

You might not want to continue with your current account in CBD for whatever reason and if you are determined to cancel your account then you will have to visit the branch location itself as there is no other option to cancel the account. 

Visit a Commercial Bank of Dubai branch location and talk to a bank representative at the front desk. Tell them that you are here to cancel your CBD current account

They may ask for a reason for account cancelation and may also even try to retain you so talk accordingly. 

Later, you will be given an account cancelation form to fill out where you need to provide the required details which may include your account number, your personal and account details, an identification proof, and more. 

You must possess the required documents that they will need to proceed with cancelation and after you fill out the form and submit the documents, they will initiate cancelation. 

However, if you want some other information prior to your account closure then you can contact CBD Customer Support for help. 

How Can I Cancel My CBD Credit Card?

Following the steps given below will help you cancel your CBD Credit Card. 

1. You will have to contact the CBD credit card Customer Support number 600 575 556 to proceed with the cancelation. 

2. Press on the 1 button to get access to the Banking Services. 

3. Now, you will be asked to enter your 16-digit card number. 

4. Provide the TIN and hit 2 for the Credit Card option. 

5. Now press 0 and you will be connected to a Contact Center Agent. Continue with your request and you will be helped accordingly. 

Cancel CBD Current Account- FAQs

What Are The CBD Account Closing Charges?

If you are to cancel your CBD account and close it completely then you might be charged with account closing charges and that can be around  AED 100-105

The charges may vary so you must speak to a bank representative and they will go through your account details and continue with the closure accordingly. 

Can I Close My CBD Account Online?

No, you cannot cancel your CBD account online. Account holders are not permitted to cancel their CBD current account online and for that, they will have to visit the bank branch to proceed. 

There is no other way to close your bank account and only a bank representative can help you with it. 

What Is The CBD Customer Care Number? How Can I Contact CBD Customer Support?

If you have any problem with your current account in the CBD or you require any other help then you can contact CBD Customer Care on their given number 600 575 556

This will connect you to a bank representative and you will be able to speak to them accordingly. You may also connect with them through their Chatbot. Visit This page for further help. 

Wrap Up

If you are moving or have opened an account at a different bank and need to cancel your current account in CBD then the steps that we have mentioned above will help you. 

You can also cancel your bank credit card and for persisting queries, get in touch with their Customer Support department via phone call or online chat. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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