How To Cancel Lowe’s Credit Card? Have You Tried This Way?

cancel lowe's credit card

Many company stores offer credit cards or store cards to customers which they can benefit from while shopping at those locations. You must have got the Lowe’s Credit Card for similar reasons. But it seems that you do not frequently shop at Lowe’s and thus wish to cancel the card. No problem, we will tell you how to do it. 

Lowe’s is a retail company that offers home improvement appliances, tools, lighting, bathroom, carpet, and more to choose from. And when you get a Lowe’s card, you will be welcomed with many offers and discounts for purchases. But are you using it that much?

Don’t want to continue using Lowe’s Credit card? Then cancel it easily by contacting their customer support via phone call or dialing the number present on the back of your card. Give all your card details and the representatives there will terminate it for you. 

How To Cancel Lowe’s Credit Card?

If you are not shopping frequently at the Lowe’s store locations then you might not need the card anymore. 

But how will you be able to cancel your Lowe’s credit card service? Well, for that, you will have to contact their Customer Support department. 

1. Dial the Lowe’s Customer Support credit card contact number (800) 444-1408 or give a call to the number on the back of your credit card. 

2. This mode will help you contact a store representative who can help you proceed with cancellation. 

3. To get connected, you must press the 2 option or do accordingly as prompted on the call.

4. You will now have to provide your Lowe’s Credit Card number and if you don’t remember it, you can just inform the same. 

5. Your Social Security Number might be the next information you need to provide so give it to them and then listen to the menu options they provide. 

6. Now choose the Close Account option from them and if you didn’t get that option, choose More Options and then you will find Close Account. 

7. Following these steps will help you get connected to a Lowe’s Credit Card representative and they will help you cancel your Lowe’s card service. 

How To Close Lowe’s Account?

You can close your Lowe’s account online from their official website and these steps can help you with it. 

1. Go to the official web page of Lowe’s and enter your account information to log in. 

2. Navigate to the account page and there, you can find the user account option. Move to the left of the page to see this option. 

3. Now look for the Account Services option and then select it. You must now find the Account Closing option and click it. 

These steps can cancel your Lowe’s account and you can contact their Service team for cancellation of more than one card. 

Cancel Lowe’s Credit Card- FAQs

How Can I Make Lowe’s Credit Card Payment?

Customers can easily pay for their Lowe’s credit card online, via phone call, visit the store location, or even through the mail. 

You can make your Lowe’s credit card payments here. To pay over the phone, dial this number (800) 444-1408. You may also visit a store location and pay there or mail the payment to 

P.O. Box 530914
Atlanta, GA 30353-0914

Why Did Lowe’s Closed My Credit Card?

Lowe’s may close your credit card if they find it to be inactive for a long time or your payments are being declined or even if you have breached any of the terms and agreements provided by the credit card. 

However, some customers have complained that their card was canceled for not-so-concrete reasons like insufficient balance and more. If you too face a similar situation then you can contact Lowe’s Customer Support for help. 

How Can I Contact Lowe’s Credit Card Customer Support?

The Lowe’s credit card customer service number is 1 (800) 444-1408 and you can dial this number whenever you need help from the representatives. 

You may also visit the Lowe’s Contact Us page and get all the required answers there. 

Wrap Up

If the Lowe’s credit card is not providing you with many benefits or you are actually unable to use all those perks for whatever reason then you may cancel the card services asap and we have given the details above. Do contact the Lowe’s Customer Support department for more help.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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