How To Cancel Square Enix? 5 Steps For Easy Cancelation!

cancel square enix

If RPG is your favorite gaming genre then you must have purchased the Square Enix subscription to play popular games Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and more. But if you wish to try something different now and want to cancel Square Enix then we can help you provide the cancelation steps that work. 

Square Enix is a famous Video game company that is known to release some amazing role-playing franchises and game series including Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and numerous other options. You can get your favorite game’s info from their website. 

If you have subscribed to the platform then you will be able to cancel your subscription to Square Enix online from the Square Enix account. You may also delete your account from the platform via the Account Management System. 

How To Cancel Square Enix Subscription?

1. Want to cancel your subscription to Square Enix? you will first have to sign in to your Square Enix account. 

2. Now go to the Mog Station area, you will find the section on the page.

3. You must now navigate to the Your Account section or if you see Manage Service Options, you can select it too. 

4. Move to the Service Account Status and then select Cancel Subscription under it. 

5. Follow the steps as prompted and answer the questions you are asked, this will lead to subscription cancelation. 

How To Cancel Square Enix Account?

1. You can cancel your Square Enix account permanently from the platform if you don’t wish to continue with them. 

2. To proceed with termination, you will be required to log in to the Account Management System of Square Enix

3. You will see the Account section there, choose the Account Information option under it. 

4. You may be asked to enter your date of birth for confirmation. After that, click on the Update Account Information option. 

5. Now hit the Cancel Square Enix Account button and follow the prompted steps to continue with termination. 

You should be aware that canceling your Square Enix account will be a permanent termination. If you ever feel like getting back your account then you won’t be able to. 

Cancel Square Enix- FAQs

What Happens If You Cancel Your Square Enix Account?

Canceling your Square Enix Account will be a complete deletion step. If you have made the final decision to cancel your account, be aware that all your services that are registered to your Square Enix account will be terminated immediately. But don’t worry, you can ask the Square Enix Support team for help. 

What To Do If Square Enix Account Has Been Cancelled?

If you canceled your Square Enix account or it got deleted anyhow then you won’t be able to recover it on your own. You will have to contact Square Enix to restore your account. Visit the Square Enix Contact Page and get in touch with them for the required help. 

How Can I Contact Square Enix Customer Support?

If you ever get stuck or need help with your registered account or something else then you can directly navigate to the Square Enix Contact page. You may even visit the Square Enix Support Center page. 

Wrap Up

You may find your favorite RPG options on Square Enix and enjoy the games and get their latest info on the platform. But if you have played enough or have found other better options then you should probably cancel it. Follow the steps discussed above for account and subscription cancelation. 

If you have persisting queries or need other related details or information then you can always get help from the Square Enix Support Team and they will go through your query and help accordingly. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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