How To Cancel BrowserStack Subscription In 4 Simple Steps?

How To Cancel BrowserStack Subscription In 4 Simple Steps?

It seems like you want to test your website on some other platform because it has not passed the BrowserStack test. Right? So, now it is confirmed that you need help canceling your BrowserStack subscription. Let’s find this out. 

BrowserStack is a platform in which users will get access to a cloud platform so that they can test their created websites and mobile applications. If you are a fresher in the field of Web development or Application development, then BrowserStack proved to be really useful for you. 

You can cancel your BrowserStack Subscription by going to the Account Summary section from the bottom of the page. 

BrowserStack Subscription Pricing

You can start using the services of BrowserStack at its Free Trial. But, after that, you have to select the perfect subscription plan for you. 

Here is a table that shows you the different kinds of BrowserStack Subscription Plans.

Subscription PlanSubscription Cost
Desktop$29 per month
Desktop & Mobile$39 per month
Team $150 per month
EnterpriseContact Team 

BrowserStack Cancellation Policy

BrowserStack Subscription works on an Auto-Renewal system. After the cancellation of a subscription, your auto-renewal will stop. 

But you will still use the subscription service benefits on your BrowserStack Account until the current subscription period ends. 

After it ends, your subscription will not be renewed into a new plan. Also Remember, canceling your subscription does not delete your BrowserStack Account. You can access the account for free and resubscribe it in the future. 

How Do I Cancel BrowserStack Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel the BrowserStack Subscription-

  1. Go to the BrowserStack Website
  1. Login to the BrowserStack Account with your credentials
  1. Go to the Account Summary section from the bottom of the page
  1. Here, click on the Cancel Subscription button. 

How To Delete Your BrowserStack Account?

It’s important to know that, once you delete your BrowserStack Account, the process is permanent and you can not restore your Account. 

Follow these steps to delete your BrowserStack Account- 

  1. Sign in to your BrowserStack Account
  1. Navigate to the Summary Section
  1. Then, go to the Delete Account section
  1. On that section, click on the Delete Account button 
  1. A confirmation page will be displayed on the screen
  1. To confirm the deletion, type Delete in the given textbox
  1. Then, again click the Delete Account option

Note: The users with the BrowserStack Enterprise Plan, are not allowed to delete their accounts with the above-mentioned steps. 

How To Delete BrowserStack Enterprise Account?

Follow these steps to delete the user account from the Enterprise Account-

  1. Login to your Enterprise Account
  1. From your Account section, go to the User Management section
  1. Select the user to remove that account
  1. Tap on the 3 horizontal dots next to that user account
  1. Tap the Remove User option
  1. Tick the Checkbox and delete the user’s Account
  1. Finally, click the Confirm buttom
  1. The User Account is removed from BrowserStack

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Downgrade My BrowserStack Subscription?

To downgrade your BrowserStack Subscription, you can contact the BrowserStack Support Team.

Can You Get A BrowserStack Refund?

According to the BrowserStack Refund Policy, you will not get any refund or prorated refund for canceling the subscription. 

How To Contact BrowserStack Support Team?

You can contact BrowserStack by filling out the Contact Form and sending it to their team. Their team will then get in contact with you soon. Connect with their team on Twitter. 


That’s what you have to do to cancel your BrowserStack Subscription. Follow the steps carefully as mentioned above and think twice before deleting your Account permanently. 

In case of any other trouble, the BrowserStack customer service team is always there for your help. Contact with them at any time. 

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