How To Cancel Romwod Subscription? Easy To Cancel !!

How To Cancel Romwod Subscription?

It seems like your Romwod Subscription period has come to an end and you won’t want to continue with its plan anymore. Then, it’s really very important that you cancel Romwod Subscription before it auto-renews itself. 

Romwod, which is now better known as Pliability, is a fitness App, that is specially designed for athletes to enhance their performance by watching the daily short motivation and fitness videos from this app. Apart from providing fitness, this app also helps you in relaxing your mind. 

You can cancel your Romwod or Pliability Subscription from your Pliability Account or by contacting the customer service team. You can also go with third-party cancelations. 

All the confusion related to canceling your Romwod Subscription will be cleared later in this article. 

How To Cancel Romwod Subscription?

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Romwod or Pliability subscription-

  • Go to the Pliability Website and Log in to your Account. 
  • From the pop-up menu, tap on your Profile
  • Tap the Settings
  • From your Account overview, tap on Plans & Payment
  • Then, Select “Pause or Cancel Membership” written in grey color words
  • Follow the steps until the subscription is canceled 

How To Cancel Pliability Subscription Via iTunes?

If your Pliability Subscription is managed by iTunes, then follow these steps to cancel the Subscription. 

From iPhone

  • Go to your iPhone Settings 
  • Tap on the Name from the top of the settings
  • Go to the Subscriptions section
  • Select Pliability Subscription
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription 

From Mac

  • Go to the App Store App from your Mac
  • Tap on your Name
  • Then, go to the Account Settings
  • Scroll to the Subscriptions menu and then Select Manage from it
  • Next to the Pliability Subscription, tap the Edit button
  • Finally, tap the Cancel Subscription button 

How To Cancel Pliability Subscription Via Google Play?

If your Pliability Subscription is managed by Google Play, then follow these steps to cancel the Pliability Subscription. 

From Computer

  • From your computer, navigate to the subscriptions in Google Play
  • Select Pliability Subscription
  • Tap Manage option
  • Then, select Cancel Subscription
  • Select a reason for cancelation from the pop-up menu
  • Then, proceed by clicking the Continue button 

From Android

  • Open the Google Play Store App
  • Select your Profile from the top
  • Then, go to the Payments & Subscriptions
  • Select Subscriptions
  • Choose a Pliability subscription from the list
  • Tap the Cancel Subscription option

How To Cancel Pliability Or Romwod Subscription Via Email?

You can also get in touch with their customer support service team for canceling the Subscription. For this, submit a cancelation Email at [email protected] 

As soon as their team receives your Email, they will consider your request and will further try to cancel your subscription. You will get an update on your cancellation on Email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Romwod Free Trial?

If you are in Romwod Free Trial, then you need to go to the Pliability Account and tap on the Cancel Free Trial button to cancel its Free Trial. You can see the Cancel Free Trial option instead of Pause or Cancel Membership. 

Is There Any Free Trial For Pliability?

For their customer satisfaction, Pliability provides you with a 7-day free trial before you go for its paid subscription.

How Much Does Pliability Subscription Cost?

After its free trial, you can take its subscription services at $179 per year (billed $14.99 per month) or $17.95 per month. 

How Do I Contact the Pliability Team?

You can contact their customer support team at [email protected] or you can access their Live Chat option (Bubble icon) on the bottom right side of the Pliability Website. 

Where Can I Find Pliability On Social?

You can find the Plaibility Account on different Social Media Platforms. The Pliability Team is pretty much active on Twitter or you can also find them on Facebook. 

If you are using Instagram more, then here is Pliability’s Instagram Account. 


If you got bored with the Pliability App and don’t want to continue with its services, then cancelation is the best option for you. 

Do try these steps or methods to cancel the Plaibility Subscription and if they worked for you, don’t forget to share your reviews with us. Also, drop the other topic for cancellation in which you need help.

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