How To Cancel Big Fish Games Inc? 2 Easy Steps!!

How To Cancel Big Fish Games Inc? 2 Easy Steps!!

Want to enhance your gaming experience more by shifting your subscription to another gaming club from Big fish Games? If yes, then here we will guide you on how easily you can cancel Big Fish Games Inc subscription and opt for the new one. 

The Seattle-based casual gaming company Big Fish Games provides a wide selection of games, including hidden objects, puzzles, and time management games. Big Fish Games operates a well-known online gaming portal that provides its users with hundreds of free-to-play and premium games in addition to creating and publishing games.

You can cancel your Big Fish Games Inc. subscription at any time by login into your account under the “Billing and Subscriptions” tab or you can cancel your subscription by submitting the Webform to their team. 

Can You Cancel Your Big Fish Games Inc Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Big Fish Games membership program at any time. But, Big Fish Games won’t issue a refund for any Membership Fees that have already been legitimately charged, debited, or otherwise billed to your account as of the termination date. If you decide to cancel your Program membership subscription, your Membership Benefits will expire at the end of your then-current Subscription Period.

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How To Cancel Big Fish Games Inc Subscription Online?

Follow these steps to cancel your Big fish Games subscription online by login into your account. 

  1. Login to your Big Fish Games Account: You must sign into your Big Fish Games account from the Big Fish website to cancel your subscription.
  1. Navigate to the “My Account” page: Click the “My Account” link at the top of the page after logging into your account. You can manage your subscription on your account page after clicking this.
  1. Cancel Your Subscription: Click on the “Billing and Subscriptions” tab on the “My Account” page. This will display information about your subscription, such as the date and cost of the renewal. Click the “Cancel” button next to the subscription you want to cancel to cancel it.
  1. Confirm the Cancelation: You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation after selecting the “Cancel” button. To officially cancel the subscription, carefully read the message and press the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  1. Check your Email for confirmation: Big Fish Games will send you a confirmation email after you cancel your subscription. Make sure the confirmation email arrived by checking your email. Check your spam or junk folder if you don’t receive the email within a short period of time.

How To Cancel Big Fish Games Inc Subscription Via Webform?

You can use the steps listed below to cancel your Big Fish Games subscription using a web form:

  1. Go to the Big Fish Games Website: Go to the Big Fish Games website by launching your browser and entering its address.
  1. Click on the “Help” link: A “Help” link can be found at the bottom of the page. To access the Help Center, click on it.
  1. Click on Contact Customer Support: You can find a list of frequently asked questions in the Help Center. Click the “Contact Customer Support” button at the bottom of the page after you have scrolled there.
  1. Select “Cancel My Subscription” as your issue: You will be asked to choose the category of problem you are experiencing on the following page. Select “Cancel My Subscription” from the menu.
  1. Fill out the web form: You will be taken to a web form where you can add more details to your cancellation request for the subscription. Your name, email address, and other pertinent information should be entered in the form. Include all relevant account information from Big Fish Games, such as your username and subscription information.
  1. Submit the Form: To contact Big Fish Games customer service with your cancellation request after completing the form, click the “Submit” button.
  1. Wait for confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email from Big Fish Games once your request has been received. To make sure you received the email, be sure to check your inbox and spam folder. You can check with Big Fish Games customer service to see if your subscription has been canceled if you do not hear back in a reasonable amount of time.

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How To Contact Big Fish Games Customer Service?

You can try to cancel your subscription by getting in contact with their customer support service team via phone or email.

Here are the contact details of the Big Fish Games customer service team.

  • Big Fish Games Inc Phone Number: 1 (800) 952- 5210
  • Big Fish Games Inc Email: [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Monthly Fee For Big Fish Games?

Yes, the monthly fee for a Big Fish Games Subscription is just $6.99 USD.

How To Get Money Back From Big Fish Games?

Follow these steps to submit your refund request for a Big Fish Games Subscription. 
Visit Google’s Help article on returns and refunds for Google Play.
Click or tap Games, apps, and in-app purchases. (including subscriptions).
Enter a refund request online under “For in-app items (including subscriptions).”
Register with your account.
Fill out the form to request a refund.
Hit “Submit.”


In conclusion, ending your subscription to Big Fish Games is an easy process that can be completed online in a few quick steps.

You can easily cancel your subscription and avoid being charged for the subsequent billing cycle by following the above-described steps. Keep in mind to check your email for confirmation and get in touch with customer support if you require any help.

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