How To Cancel GameStop Membership? 2 Productive Ways!

how to cancel gamestop membership

If you are a dedicated gamer then you must have already purchased a GameStop membership to get all those perks. But do you really plan to continue with the service or are you done with them? We can help you cancel your GameStop membership if you want to opt out of the platform. 

GameStop is an electronics retail company. The platform provides you access to numerous video games, consumer electronics, gaming merchandise, and so much more. Membership to GameStop gives rewards points and more and priority access to the products. 

You can easily cancel your GameStop membership through a phone call to their Customer Care department or by sending an email to them regarding your membership cancellation request. You can learn more about the subscriptions and membership plans from their official website. 

How Much Is GameStop Pro Membership?

If you are planning to get the GameStop Pro membership then you should know that the membership will cost you $14.99 every year. You can get a $10 Welcome Reward and about 5k-10k points. The members are also given a $5 Monthly Reward that can be used to spend on accessories, games, and more. This reward is in the form of a coupon that is added to your account every first week of the month. For every dollar you spent on GameStop shopping, you will receive about 20 points. 

There are also several benefits and perks provided to GameStop Pro members. You will get early access to exclusive accessories, gaming items, and more. The members will be preferred every time a new console, graphic cards, or other collectibles drop. The pro members also get access to the GameStop magazine or the Game Informer subscription. You will be earning points every time even when you are not spending. 

How Can I Cancel My GameStop Membership? Cancel GameStop Auto-Renewal

Cancellation of your GameStop membership is possible by contacting their Customer Support representatives through a Phone call or via email.

Cancel GameStop Membership Via Phone Call

1. Calling the GameStop Customer Service department can be an effective option to cancel your membership. 

2. Pick up your phone and dial 1-800-883-8895. They will connect you to a GameStop representative and you can speak to them. 

3. Tell them that you don’t want to continue with GameStop and request them to cancel your membership.

4. Provide the representative with your GameStop account and membership details required to cancel the services. 

5. Remember to ask them for a confirmation email regarding your cancellation when the procedure is completed. 

Cancel GameStop Membership Via Email

1. If speaking to the representatives is not your style and you prefer not to communicate with them then you do have the option to send an email to them. 

2. From your email application, go to the Compose button and start writing an email for your request. 

3. On the Subject box, you can add Request To Cancel GameStop Membership

4. In the body section, give details of your GameStop account and membership and all the required information. 

5. When done, send the email to [email protected], and do make sure that you make the request about five days prior to the anniversary or your charge date. 

Cancel GameStop Membership- FAQs

Is A GameStop Membership Monthly?

A GameStop membership charges you annually with  $14.99 every year. However, Game Pass Ultimate is a monthly subscription. With the GameStop membership, rewards are added to your account every month within the first week. 

Do GameStop Monthly Rewards Expire?

Yes, your GameStop monthly rewards will expire if you don’t use them on time. The GameStop monthly rewards are provided every first of each month. You must use these rewards within a month or they will expire at the end of the month and you will lose all the benefits. 

How To Redeem Points On GameStop App? How To Use GameStop Points Online?

To redeem your points on GameStop, you must go to the My Account section and then navigate to the Rewards Center there. You are also allowed to speak to a store associate or representative if you are at a GameStop store. These points could also be redeemed for a reward certificate worth $1. 

How Can I Contact GameStop Customer Service?

If you have any query related to the services of GameStop or your membership on the platform, you can contact their Customer Support department by dialing their service number 1 (800) 883-8895. You can also visit the GameStop Contact Us Page and provide your details to send a message regarding your request. 

Wrap Up

GameStop is the one-stop for all game lovers as there are a great number of accessories, products, and of course games. The GameStop membership gives you some extra perks but if you are already a member of GameStop and wish to terminate the service then jump to the cancellation steps mentioned above and complete the procedure. Contact GameStop’s help department for more. You can also cancel your GameStop Pre Order.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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