How To Cancel Babbel Subscription On Any Device?

How To Cancel Babbel Subscription On Any Device?

If you have finally learned your second language through Babble, then why keep their paid services? It is time that you either start learning another language from the platform or simply cancel your Babbel subscription otherwise. 

Babbel is a great platform where one can learn a new foreign language at a good pace. However, we also know that there are a lot of similar platforms for language learning. But, you might have been lured towards this one because Babbel doesn’t provide any free services.

To cancel your Babbel subscription, head to their website and log in to your Babbel account. In the Profile and Settings menu, go to the Account Information where you can easily turn off the auto-renewal feature for your subscription. 

Did you purchase a Babbel subscription from your device’s app? Well, the website process might not work for subscriptions that involve third-party platforms, so keep reading what you might have to do in such a case. 

How To Cancel Babbel Subscription?

There are three ways of canceling your subscription to Babbel manually, each of which depends upon the platform where you purchased the subscription in the first place.

Allow us to acknowledge you with all the possible methods which are given right below so that you can find the one which is suitable for you.

How To Cancel Babbel Subscription On The Website?

If you have subscribed to Babbel directly from their official website, then here are the steps that you will be required to cancel the respective subscription. 

1. Open your device’s web browser and go to the official website of Babbel.

2. Log in to your account where you want to cancel the subscription.

3. In the navigator, click on your name.

4. Then head to the “Profile and Settings” section. 

5. Here, you will see the Account Information option, select it.

6. On the next page where all the details related to your account and subscription will be available, click on “Auto Renewal” and confirm your choice. 

How To Cancel Babbel Subscription On Android Devices? 

If you subscribed to Babbel from the Google Play Store of your Android device then the steps required to cancel it are provided below. 

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device. 

2. Make sure that you are logged in from the right Google account.

3. Then, you have to tap on the three horizontal lines to view the main menu of your account.

4. Here, select the “Payments and Subscriptions” section. 

5. Go to Subscriptions to view a list of all your active subscriptions from this account.

6. Look for your Babbel subscription and select it. 

7. Then you can finally choose the Cancel option for the subscription and confirm your choice. 

How To Cancel Babbel Subscription On iOS Devices?

iOS device users who have taken up their Babbel subscription from their App Store are required to go through the steps provided below to cancel the same. 

1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device. 

2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen, or go to iTunes & App Store section.

3. Make sure that you are signed in from the right Apple ID linked to your Babbel subscription.

4. Go to the Subscriptions section of your account.

5. A list of all your active subscriptions shall be displayed on your screen.

6. Look for your Babbel subscription from the list and select it.

7. Choose the Cancel option and confirm your choice by following up as prompted. 


Can You Cancel Babbel And Get A Refund?

Yes, Babbel does offer a money-back guarantee to its users for 20 days from the subscription. So, if you have subscribed to Babbel and didn’t like their services or features, then you have only 20 days to cancel it so that you can be eligible for a refund.  

How To Delete Babbel Account?

To delete your account on Babbel, go to their website and open your account’s Dashboard. Click on your name at the top right and head to the Profile and Settings menu. There, you have to select the Settings option where you will see a Delete button for your account. Click on it and follow up as directed. 

How To Contact Babbel Customer Service?

To contact customer support at Babbel, you can send an email to the address [email protected]. You can also go to the Help section of your account to send them a message or simply fill out their contact form on the official website of Babbel.

Their customer support shall reach out to you to help you with the matter you need their help for. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have either learned the language that you subscribed to Babbel for or have found a better alternative to this platform.

And in whatever case you need to cancel your subscription like the Duolingo language learning subscription, we are sure that you have been assisted correctly through this article.

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