How To Cancel AGL Account With 2 Simple Methods?

How To Cancel AGL Account With 2 Simple Methods?

It seems like you have got a better gas & electricity service provider than AGL, and now you want to cancel AGL Account and end your services from it. 

AGL is the largest electricity & gas provider company in Australia which delivers to many customers around the world. But, still, some people are not satisfied with their services and want to cancel them. 

You can cancel your AGL Account at any time by getting in touch with their customer support service team via online chatting within your AGL Account or you can connect with them by making a call to their team. 

Don’t Worry!! We will not let you go with such incomplete information. You will get to know about the cancelation methods in detail in the below headings. 

How To Cancel AGL Account Via Online Chat?

The first method to cancel your AGL Account is that you can reach out to an AGL agent on a live chat and discuss your cancelation issue with them on a Chat. 

Follow these steps to disconnect your AGL services. Their virtual agent will help you in canceling or disconnecting your services. 

  • Go to AGL Website and log in to your AGL Account. You can also open your AGL App. 
  • Start a chat with their agent by tapping on the Live Chat button within your AGL Account
  • Discuss with their team about your disconnection
  • Properly check your address and select the service you want to disconnect
  • Select your preferred date for disconnecting your service. 
  • After a few more steps, you will receive a confirmation message that your AGL Account is canceled and your service is disconnected. 

How To Cancel AGL Account Over The Phone?

You can also cancel or disconnect your AGL services by getting in touch with their customer support service team and asking them to disconnect your services. 

You can make a call to the AGL service team on 131 245 at any time and get connected with one of their team members. Tell them to disconnect your AGL services and cancel your account. 

Provide them with your account details and the reason for canceling your services. After getting all the required information, their team will cancel your service, and your AGL Account is deleted. 

If you want to talk to their team on a call in their own language, then you can get the Interpreter Services too from AGL, by making a call at 1300 307 245

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Request To Delete Your AGL Digital Account?

If you have your AGL Digital Account, then you can submit your request to delete your AGL Digital Account by getting in touch with their service team.
You can access their Live Chat option and call their team at 131 245. 

Does AGL Have A Disconnection Fee?

It depends on your location. Yes, depending on the energy providers & location, some people have to pay a disconnection fee for their AGL services. 

How To Contact AGL Customer Service?

If you face any kind of issue, then the AGL service team is always available for you. You can chat with their agent online from your AGL Account or AGL App. 
Make a call to their support team at 131 245 and get instant help. 


We tried to sum up this article with the best and the possible methods to cancel your AGL Account. If you are sure that you want to disconnect your AGL Services, then you can follow this guide and opt for any of the methods for cancelation. 

If you want a quick cancelation, then the calling method is best for you. End your AGL services today and shift to another energy provider. You can also cancel your Philadelphia Gas Works Subscription.

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